2010 Aussie Millions

Event 9: $10,500 Aussie Millions Main Event

Bet It and Get It

Sorel Mizzi is trying to give us something to write about, being the first to open several pots and even throwing in the occasional three-bet.

In a recent hand, Kosta Varoxis opened with a raise to 60,000 and Mizzi came over the top of him from the button, kicking it up to 185,000. Varoxis folded and the crowd chimed in:

"Show it! Show the bluff!"

"You'll see it on TV," joked Mizzi, sending his cards into the muck pile.

"Don't trust him Peter!" yelled one of Jetten's crew.

Team Jetten Getting Rowdy

Team Jetten is over Dom. Now they're working on tequila shots.

After Jetten took down a recent pot, his crew broke out into a synchronized chant:

"Peter Jetten! (Clap... clap... clap clap clap) Peter Jetten! (Clap... clap... clap clap clap)"

Raise and Take It

The last four hands have been simple raise and take pots.

Tyron Krost opened the first two with raises to 75,000, first from the button and then from the cutoff, winning both pots.

Sorel Mizzi then took one down with a 65,000 raise from under-the-gun, and one hand after that, Petter Jetten raised to 75,000 from the button, stealing his share of the blinds and antes.

Fifth Bottle

"Tom, Tom, where's the Dom?" said Jonno Pittock, informing us that Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Team Jetten crew is on their fifth bottle of Dom Pérignon. Things could get a little rowdy.

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Level 23 started

Posted 01-30-2010 16:53 GMT+11

"Nice hand, Peter!"

...Yelled one rowdy fan in Peter Jetten's entourage after a recent victory.

Jetten opened with a raise from early position and was called by Stephen Shelly in the cutoff.

The flop came down {6-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts} and Jetten fired a 90,000 continuation bet which earned him the pot.

Jetten is currently sitting with right around 1.65 million in chips.