All The Latest News from the 2015 WSOP
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All The Latest News from the 2015 WSOP


  • FantasyWired Podcast May 13, 2015: Harvey Day

    Happy Harvey Day! Matt Harvey and Francisco Liriano take the mound tonight, and both Matt and Brett are interested. They look at the rest of the slate as well. 

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  • Remko Report Episode #14: Fatima Moreira de Melo

    Remko is joined by fellow countrywoman and Olympic Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist Fatima Moreira de Melo to discuss life, sports, poker, and more. 

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  • FantasyWired Podcast May 12, 2015: Matt and Brett Nearly Bink

    Matt and Brett nearly binked on Monday, but one was done in by a last-second switch and the other by a blowout. The two explain what happened, and preview Tuesday’s slate. 

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  • PokerNews Podcast Episode #281: EPT Grand Final Recap

    EPT Grand Final is in the books, so Donnie and Remko recap all of the exciting action from the final days in Monaco. 

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  • FantasyWired Podcast May 11, 2015: Plenty of Pitchers Available

    Brett and Matt recap Sunday’s action, and preview Monday’s slate of games. There are plenty of pitchers available, and Matt, as always, rags on the Phillies. 

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