• PokerNews Podcast Episode #316: WSOP Main Event Payouts

    Remko and Donnie are NOT at Donnie’s apartment, but they discuss the Main Event payouts and other topics on Day 2 A/B of the Grand Daddy of them All. 

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  • Remko Report Episode #18: Brian Rast

    Fresh off of his win in the $500,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl, Brian Rast joins Remko to talk about the event, playing in Macau, settling down with his wife, and more. 

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  • PokerNews Podcast Episode #315: Main Event Sweats feat. Adriano Mannino

    Donnie and Remko recap Day 1b of the WSOP Main Event, talk about the Team Run it Up Main Event sweats, and discuss Raising for Effective Giving with Chairman Adriano Mannino. 

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  • FantasyWired Podcast 7/7/15: Last-Second Scratch

    Nate and Drew join Matt to discuss the best plays of the day, and call an audible when there is a last-second pitching scratch. 

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  • PokerRoad B-Team Reunion Show

    Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke, Bryan “Devo” Devonshire, and Court “The Hick” Harrington came together before Day 1c of the WSOP Main Event to record a special reunion show. The trio brings the audience up to speed on their goings ons, discusses live tells, and chats with the legendary Gavin Smith. 

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