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Wynn Casino Las Vegas Poker Room Collusion

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The Game is 5-10 Blind No Limit Hold-Em. The place is the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas.

Several HIGHER LIMIT POKER PLAYERS have come to the Wynn due to the World Poker Tournament at the Bellagio (the Bellagio is full-Wynn is getting the overflow)

The Wynn poker room refuses to call a No-Limit game higher than 5-10, inspite of a list with enough players to play higher (10-20 Blind No Limit)

The Wynn Poker Room Management INSISTS we must move to a must move to a main game, instead of having one must move and two main games.

This policy is forcing players with a LOT OF MONEY ON THE TABLE to move to a game with locals who are playing in collusion. (Date December 15, seats 6-7-9)

The problem has become habit for several of the "locals" NOT TO PLAY THEIR HANDS OUT against each other and table talk about what they have during the hand when they are in the pot together.

Passing chips is allowed, table talk is allowed, appears COLLUSION is the accepted play.

Card Room management is NOT DOING anything to stop this practice and has been notified before in writing of this problem.

The local player who complained of the collusion left a note and a red card (players card) in disgust.

Several local Las Vegas players are getting in the habit of not playing their hands against each other, BECAUSE NOTHING IS BEING DONE TO STOP IT BY MANAGEMENT.

This habit not good for poker or the Wynn, it is collusion or team play.

Players who are doing this should be picked up.

It would only take a couple of "examples" being picked up to STOP the collusion.

Card room management at WYNN "forced" three players with over $ 30,000.00 between them (in a $5/$10 Blind No Limit Game) to leave the poker room and Wynn Casino (and go back to the Bellagio to play higher - and get even).

Wynn Casino's poker room policies appear to want small action only with locals in collusion, and no action most of the time when "action" is not in town.

Montana Mike


Mike, where I play here in SD, nobody is even allowed to talk about the five cards on the table....... such as, look at all those daimonds, or look at that straight draw.... or who has a king (to make an ace high straight)....
There are a ton of old locals who play regularly together and they know poker and know that it isn't allowed.
Someone should contact the gaming commision and have them observed and reprimanded. The poker room should NOT be allowing such behavior.


I play at Wynn 5 days a week and I've never seen anything like that. Also, the reason they won't spread a $10-20 no limit game there unless there is A LOT of interest is because the $5-10 game is uncapped. They play the same size anyway so what is the point of having both games? If you wanted to play $25-50 they would've spread it with 5 players or more on the list. The policies are similar to all the other major cardrooms in town. They don't favor one type of action over another, they're there to make money. If you want to talk about favoritism you should play in the bigger games at Bellagio. All you have to do in a situation like that is ask to see the poker room manager and if they aren't available then ask to see the casino manager on duty. It's not really that difficult and, if it appears nothing is happening, ask the manager for the gaming commissions' number, that'll get a result really fast.


I have played at the Winn about 5 times and have never noticed anything like that. I play the 1-3NL with the pink chips and enjoy playing at the Wynn a lot. It's one of the nicest poker rooms in town.




Actually in Wynn Poker Room is easily one of the Top Four Poker rooms in Las Vegas, if not the world. A truly World Class Poker Venue, the Wynn Poker Room caters to players looking for a serious game of poker dealt by a well trained staff

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