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Strategy with Kristy Podcast: Live Cash Game Grinders Part 1

Because of overwhelming demand for strategy interviews with live cash-game grinders, Kristy Arnett, host of the Strategy with Kristy Podcast, has decided to make a multipart series focusing on just that. Each episode will have a panel of two to three players who have made a living playing live poker. For Part 1, the guests include Andrew Moreno and Lincoln Garner. Moreno moved to Las Vegas six years ago and has learned to crush low- to mid-stakes live games. Garner landed in the city this summer and transitioned to live poker after Black Friday forced his hand out of the online games. The...

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Thanks Kristy for the series.Could you discuss limit hold'em ,10-20 thru 40-80,in las vegas as a means of making a living ?


To play at the 40-80 level you'd need at least 16 k as a starting bankroll to handle the swings. Limit holdem is a pound the pot game every opportunity you have the nuts unless the opponent is a professional, which at that limit is most likely. Never miss a bet otherwise and to be successful you need to play the cards way more than in no limit because implied odd make it nearly impossible to lay down paint unless you know your beat. Always max bet preflop unless the other guy is a rock and don't try to roach out as a habit, it will cost you dearly. BTW I was a winning 2/4 3/6 player username bluruski on poker stars so I'm only talking in theory on this but hopefully the advice helps. My specalty is low to mid no limit cash.


People well most people don't play limit holdem


what is the app you use on phone? Smile cant find it Big Grin

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