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Presidential Election Could Largely Influence Internet Poker Legislation in U.S.

Congress The prospects for legislation to license and regulate Internet poker passing by the end of the year may be determined by today's presidential election in the U.S. Poker Players Alliance executive director John Pappas sees the most advantageous result for poker being that Barack Obama remains president, the Democrats retain control of the Senate and the Republicans keep their advantage in the House. "I really think the status quo is the best-case scenario for something getting done in the lame duck," Pappas said. "Any time the vote gets rocked too much, meaning the House or...

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Re-elect the guy who promised everything and delivered nothing. He borrows, spends, regulates and redistributes, ...he blames others for his inability to make progress, has the worst, work ethic in Presidential history, and characterizes Americans that vote for his opponent as "vengeful".

This is who poker players need to vote for to have the best chance of on-line poker in America? No thank you.


U sound ignorant . I'm glad your vote didn't matter. Now I'm going to smoke a doobie. I love Colorado. Go Obama!!!

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