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Online Chat: Katie "katie75013" Stone Talks Relocation and Full Tilt Poker

Katie "katie75013" Stone Have you heard of The Grindettes — four women with unique backgrounds who play poker for a living? If so, you’re familiar with Katie Stone, a former chess player who made the transition to poker in 2004. Since then, she has become a successful online player, winning more than $160,000 over 14 months by playing approximately 10,000 multitable tournaments with a 49 percent ROI. Stone, a former equestrian and basketball player who attended the University of Texas, was greatly affected by Black Friday and the disappearance of online poker from United States. She tried live play but...

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"In addition to the thousands of MTTs you are able to play each day online, you have so many tools at your disposal like tracking and analysis software, graphs, charts and stats that help us understand and realize our true expectancy as a poker player. For me, this makes all the difference in the world."
is it just me or does anyone else just read this and think it translates to "I suck at live poker and if it weren't for analysis software etc. i would suck at online poker too"


Another U.S. citizen driven out by the U.S. DOJ. "The Grindettes" is a funny and catchy title ... good luck!

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."


Why did you choose Rosarito, Mexico, for your relocation?

Being American I have no desire to integrate with any other culture or learn another language so I found a place full of Americans where everyone spoke with an American accent and they accepted US dollars. So I can continue being a completely ignorant American.

Jesus I'm surprised any of you even made it out of the country on Black Friday you inbred hicks.

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