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On last November, PSWasian did a tournament and it’s also the opening whistle for unique CASH GAME WORLD, which opens 24/7 in Titan King Casino (National Road No.1, Bavet City, Svay Rieng, Cambodia). PSW deserved Mr Ky Ho’s statement “Words can't explain how much fun I had this past trip to Cambodia with my poker buddies. We didn't make it deep enough to take the trophy home for Vietnam, but I met a lot of nice genuine people over there. Thank You for organizing such a great event, free room, food, snacks, drinks, very professional and taking good care of their players, keep up the good work guys. As for me I was fortunate enough to win a little from playing cash game on the side to cover my lost from the main event. I had a 2 minutes Vietnamese interview with a lovely PSW girl which will be air soon, I guess my Vietnamese aren't too bad after all LOL”. He is one of the lucky PSW members who could enjoy our great game and 100% FREE service for the very first PSW opening days. However, our referential treatments are 50% for cash game member only right now BUT will be free soft drink, food at the court, enthusiastic support from PSW staff and much more. The registration process is very simple, very fast and absolutely FREE. Just click: and fill in the form. PSW DO NOT PROMISE, PSW DO NOT ADVERTISE. WE SAYS THE TRUTH AND SERVE YOU AS A KING.


Five o Poker
Bonus money is very small $50 and $100 and you have to make 10 goals to get it. When you lose thousands in one hand, you could never get ahead.You have to win 3 or more games to 1 lost to break even. So you are always waiting to get more money every 4 hours after you run out and that's only $300. They want to make it hard to win so you buy play chips which is expensive to buy for what they give.Every win you make they take away more chips, you don't get the amount of chips that you bet, you get less back.Its a losing game, the casino house always wins.One person wins all the time every week contest, because he's the only one with alot of money.No one has a chance to catch up with him with the stricked rules and little money to work with.You can't beat him even if you win 2 out of every 3 wins.The system games rules is not fair!

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