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Gareth Chantler Analyzes Live Cash Game Hands

CardRunners Gareth Chantler is an experienced online and live player who specializes in RUSH poker. He's a video instructor on CardRunners and hosts a popular series called The Quickie. Each video is around 20 minutes long and covers a number of different topics. In this teaser, Chantler discusses live cash-game hands with the help of Flopzilla, an EV (expected value) calculator which is available for purchase through CardRunners. Chantler analyzes two hands wherein he bluffed all in to assess whether or not it was a profitable play. To see the rest of this video or for more training videos, head...

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I think the first hand is played very very very poorly. It's easy to cater these "profitable thoughts" once the hand is over.


... ye gareth said he thought he played the hand bad...

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