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Strategy Vault: Turning Your Hand Into a Bluff with Vinny Pahuja

Vinny Pahuja Digging deep into the PokerNews strategy archives can lead to a buried treasure, so we'll be unearthing a few gems for your viewing pleasure. In this edition of the Strategy Vault series, we're resurfacing a piece from Vinny Pahuja. First published in Feburary 2010, this piece is originally from our "Elite Strategy" series that featured the wisdom of some of poker’s top players as they provide viewers with a look at what goes on inside the heads of the game’s elite when they are looking to build their stacks. In this edition, Pahuja discusses turning your hand into a bluff in...

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Cool piece. Thanks for bringing it back to the fore.


ppierce34 — Thanks. We'll be digging up some old strategy pieces one a week if we can and releasing them as parts of the Strategy Vault series. Glad you enjoyed it!


Cool piece indeed! Just don't try that in online micro/low stakes. You'll see a new concept of insta call.

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