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Bullets Looks to Become Poker's Premier Web-Based TV Show

Poker pro Ali Eslami in action! Whether it’s The Micros or Game Theory, web-based poker TV shows have garnered a loyal following over the years. Now, Bullets, which releases a new episode every Monday night, hopes to become the latest hit. For those who haven’t heard about this gritty crime thriller, here’s how describes the show: “Bullets is about Hugo and Mark, two bank employees who hatch a plan to steal from a rich man's account to play in an underground poker tournament. Everything goes to hell when the man whose account was hacked realizes the money is gone, as the money was being laundered for...

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I'm not sure what's worse, the acting or the poker...


This show isn't serious...IT COULDN'T BE! How can Poker News even acknowledge it?!?!? Its so bad its funny! Game Theory is an incredible poker show. You should have done a write up on it.

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