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  • Monkey See, Monkey Do Thinking Poker: Monkey See, Monkey Do


    Thinking Poker's Andrew Brokos discusses the pressure sometimes to conform to they way the table is playing, even when doing so is not recommended.

  • Playing the Big Stack in Tournament Poker Playing the Big Stack in Tournament Poker

    Game: Poker Tournaments

    Having a big stack in a tourney is an enviable position for a poker player. Learn how to take advantage and grow your stack even more.


  • Phil Ivey Reviewing the Gap Concept, Part 2

    Game: Texas Hold'em Poker

    Aaron Hendrix completes a two-part series reviewing David Sklansky's "Gap Concept" and how it applies to preflop decisions to raise, reraise, or fold.

  • Verbal Tells Cash Catastrophes, Vol. 5: Over-Reliance on Verbal Tells

    Game: Texas Hold'em Poker

    In a new “Cash Catastrophes,” Carlos Welch discusses a hand in which he let an apparent verbal tell influence his decision-making more than he should have.



What is the best preflop hand in poker?

How many betting rounds are there in no-limit Texas hold'em?

When you have an open-ended straight draw, how many cards in the deck make you a straight?

If I'm playing against a really aggressive player, it would be most beneficial for me to…

What are implied odds?

You have ace-king all in preflop against pocket kings. What percentage of the time will you win at showdown?

How often do you flop a set with a pocket pair?

When playing heads up, what is the worst hand you could have in an all in preflop?

Against a player who only folds or four-bets when you three-bets, you should?

How many variations of poker do you know how to play?


PokerNews GPI Update #30: 2015 Kickoff

Rich and Eric breakdown the start of the 2015 Global Poker Index Player of the Year race, examine the GPI 300, and welcome a new player to the Andy FrankenDangerzone. 

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