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Tag: barry greenstein

Barry Greenstein Eliminated

Down to just 27,800 in chips, Barry Greenstein moved all in first to act with . He would have the bad timing to run into and despite picking up a diamond flush draw on the turn, Greenstein would be eliminated when the board ran out .

Barry Greenstein's Favorite Movies and Some Chip Counts

While getting some counts from the Brasilia Silver section, our reporter learned what Barry Greenstein's three favorite movies are (*cue drumroll*): "Rain Man" "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" "Being There"

Greenstein Raises River

We arrived to find Barry Greenstein heads up with an opponent on a completed board of . With what looked to be around 26,000 already in the middle of the table, Greenstein's opponent fired out a bet of 8,700.

Aces on the Flop for Greenstein

Barry Greenstein called an open to 300 from the button and four players saw a flop of . It was checked to Greenstein and he bet 400, picking up one caller. The turn was the and a quick bet of 1,000 saw the pot slide Greenstein’s way.

Barry Greenstein Eliminated in 13th Place ($19,463)

Barry Greenstein called a bet on fourth street made by Matt Grapenthien and on fifth it was Greenstein himself who lead out. With this bet for 11,000 Greenstein was all in and Grapenthien called.

Brunson's Fourth Kicker Plays

Henrik Hecklen: / / Todd Brunson: / / Picking up the action on sixth street with a hefty pot already on the table, Brunson bet, Hecklen raised, Brunson reraised, and then Hecklen called.

Schemelev Gets Shorter

Vladimir Schemelev had the bring in and Barry Greenstein raised from his left. Steve Landfish called and on Schemelev called as well. On fourth street Greenstein checked, Landfish bet and Schemelev called.

Helppi and Grospellier Bust

Juha Helppi and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier have both been eliminated. Grospellier went out first, and he fell to the hands of Barry Greenstein, who climbed to 135,000 in chips.

Flush for Greenstein

Barry Greenstein: / / Karl Tretter: / / Greenstein called a bet from Tretter on fifth street, then called bets on sixth and seventh street to follow.

Greenstein Didn't Win a Hand

As players were moved around we looked for Barry Greenstein all across the tournament room, but we found no trace.

Pahuja Busts Greenstein

In the last hand before the dinner break, according to Vinny Pahuja, he and Barry Greenstein were involved in a very large pot. Pahuja stated, on a flop of , Greenstein raised a 10,000 bet from Pahuja to 35,000.

Green for Greenstein

There was about 40,000 in the pot already with the action on the turn and the on the board. The play was heads up between Vinny Pahuja and Barry Greenstein, and Pahuja check-called the 20,000 bet from Greenstein.

Fauteux Lures Greenstein in

The board was already complete and there were about 80,000 chips in the middle of the table. Julien Fauteux bet a tiny 6,500 and Barry Greenstein now raised to 48,000.

Greenstein's Redraw Hits

After the flop, Barry Greenstein and Pablo Fernandez Campo got their stacks in and both players had flopped the straight. Greenstein had a slight advantage with the and was at risk for his last 72,800.

Greenstein Gonzo

We missed the hand but Barry Greenstein's seat has now been filled by late entrant, Stephen Chidwick. At least now Greenstein won't be at the center of the Lodden Thinks game.

Dobson Ousts Greenstein

We noticed that Barry Greenstein's seat was empty so asked Ben Dobson, who is sitting at Greenstein's former table, if he saw what happened.

Greenstein is Out

On a flop of , Barry Greenstein got the last of his chips all in with versus a flopped set of fours for his opponent. The turn filled up Greenstein's opponent and he was drawing dead.

Lafaye and Greenstein Tangle

Glenn Lafaye raised to 250 from early position and two opponents called. Barry Greenstein reraised to 1,300 from the button and Lafaye called as did one of the two opponents. The flop came and it was checked to Greenstein who bet 1,600.

Lafaye Again

We didn't catch the action, but Barry Greenstein is seated at the same table as Glenn Lafaye and caught our attention to tell us how Lafaye chipped up even further.

Danzer Runs Away With Day 1

The $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low Championship drew 134 of the best poker players on the planet to the Rio by the time registration was through today.