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Tag: barry greenstein

A Champion Among Amateurs

Last summer Kenneth Lind accomplished something ever poker player dreams about: winning a gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker.

A Short Day for Greenstein

Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein has been eliminated from the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event. We missed it when it happened, but Bob Trask was kind enough to fill us in on the details.

Heading For the Finish Line

With just over half an hour of play to go until we finish up day 2 the action has understandably slowed down a little and the relief in the room is palpable.

Greenstein Doubles

Some pre-flop raising saw Barry Greenstein all in against Neil Raine, a PokerStars qualifier. “Ow.” Was Raine’s reaction when he saw his was crushed by Greenstein’s . The board ran out and Greenstein doubled up.

Greeting Greenstein

There were a few nervous and expectant glances as Barry Greenstein moved between the tables to find his seat, and there were sighs of relief from adjacent tables as he took his place at table 6 in the nine seat and posted his big blind.

Greenstein Takes One Down

The flop read when Sofia Lovgren and another player checked to Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein. Greenstein bet 500 and was called by the unknown player. On the turn the hit and Greenstein bet 1,000, his opponent called.

Greenstein Takes on the Chip Leader

Over at the feature table, chip leader Tudor Purice limped from the small blind and Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein raised to 6,000 from the big. Purice made the call, the flop came down , and the chip leader checked.

Greenstein Wins Three-Bet Pot

Barry Greenstein opened to 900 in middle position, Katie Swift, who earned her entry into the EPT10 London Main Event via a live satellite, three-bet to 2,550 in the cutoff.

Greenstein Stood No Chance

We caught the action on a flop when Chance Kornuth put out a big bet and Barry Greenstein called off for 13,000 or so. Greenstein: Kornuth: Greenstein got it in good with aces, but Kornuth had paired his king and held a flush draw.

Greenstein Out

Barry Greenstein @barrygreensteinFirst I lost AK to AA. Then I made a straight amd lost to a bigger one to bust 1 out of the money in #wsop58July 05 2013ReplyRetweetFavoriteFollow @barrygreenstein!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.

Greenstein with an Early KO

A player with a short stack moved all in from middle position, and Barry Greenstein reraised to isolate from the small blind. The big blind folded. Greenstein: Opponent: The board ran out , and Greenstein collected his opponent's chips.

Barry O.G.

Barry Greenstein just chipped up with one of the simplest plays in poker: the three-bet blind defense. A player raised to 200 from the cutoff, and with the action back on him in the big blind, Greenstein popped it to 450.

"Seat Open!"

The field is shrinking fast here in Level 6, as the total number of players remaining has already been whittled down to 186, meaning nearly a hundred who started the tournament have already hit the rail.

Greenstein Loses a Few

It folded around to the small blind who raised and Barry Greenstein tossed out a chip to call from the big blind. The raiser drew two on the first round and Greenstein three, and after a bet from his opponent Greenstein called.

Greenstein Sent to the Rail

Stud-8 Barry Greenstein: / / Minh Ly: / / We picked up the action of fourth when Barry Greenstein, who has cashed in this event four times, check-called all in after Minh Ly bet.

Greenstein Gets Run Over by Boosted J's Wheel

Omaha-8 Justin "Boosted J" Smith raised on the button only to have Barry Greenstein three-bet to 24,000. Both blinds folded, Smith called and the flop fell .

Sometimes You Beat the Bear

No-Limit Hold'em Todd Brunson was just all in and at risk following a flop for his last 80,000 or so. His opponent, Barry Greenstein, held . But Brunson's prospects were bright as he had and had flopped a set.

Johnny Chan Eliminated By Barry Greenstein

No-Limit Hold'em The third elimination of the event has just taken place, as 10-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Johnny Chan has fallen. He was eliminated by Barry Greenstein in stunning set-over-set fashion.

VIDEO: Barry Greenstein Only Follows Asian Women

While it's break, check out an interview Kristy Arnett did with Barry Greenstein on break of this event. He gets a little sidetracked at first, but also informs us how he's doing in this event. Video: http://www.pokernews.

Eights Help South Move North

Stud-8 Mike Sexton completed, Cole South raised, Barry Greenstein called, and Sexton came along as well, although dropped out in the face of action on fourth street.