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Tag: henry tran

Henry Tran Busts in 24th

Henry Tran has quickly found himself on the rail following the break. Tran was one of the shorter stacks in the field and was eager to get his chips all in preflop holding . Unfortunately for Tran, he ran into the of Adrian Bolzonello.

"What a Turn Card" for Tran

Faced with a bet of 500 from the small blind, Henry Tran made a huge raise to 3,500 on the board. The small blind called, then checked the river. Tran switched gears with a tiny bet of 1,500, and the small blind chuckled as he called.

Tran Bows Out

Henry Tran went bust in a hand we didn't see.

Tran Survives

A player opened to 2,100 in middle position, and Henry Tran shoved his last 6,375 in. The opener made what looked to be a reluctant call.

Tran Isolates, Eliminates One

A player was already all in on a board of when Henry Tran shoved for approximately 26,000. A third player in the pot went into the tank before ultimately folding. "Pair of jacks," announced the all-in player, turning .

Not Tran's Day

Sydney local Henry Tran has just filled us in on his unlucky day. Apparently he first lost a big pot when he held , three-bet Jesse McKenzie preflop in position and McKenzie called with and the made a full house on a board.

Tran Leads Final Eight

Sixty-seven players made the cut to begin Day 3 of Event #58: $1,111 Little One for One Drop, but only a select eight are still in contention after 10 levels of play today.

Runaway Tran

Nghi Tran is up to 530,000 chips and is bulldozing his opponents at his table. We caught up with a hand where Tran had led from the big blind for 12,000 on a flop and Liv Boeree called.

Boeree, Tran Spar; Owen Busts

Henry Tran raised to 1,275 from early position, and Liv Boeree reraised to 2,700 from the hijack. Everyone folded to Tran, who made the call. "I check to you, because you're a nice lady," he said.

Small Sends Tran Packing

Henry Tran shoved from the cutoff seat with his last 35,000. Sean Small, in the small blind, shipped over the top and the big blind quickly folded. As soon as Tran saw Small's move, he grabbed his coat and got up.

Tran Survives With Rags

Walking by Table 34, we noticed Henry Tran scooping a pot after all his chips were in the middle. His had been up against Phillips' , and a board of meant Tran was still in business with around 10 big blinds.

Tran and Sharpe Exchange Blows

We found Scott Sharpe and Henry Tran heads up before the flop, as Sharpe contemplated Tran's reraise of his under-the-gun open. Sharpe eventually called, and the players watch fall on the flop.

Masek Run Over by the Tran Train; Defending Champ gone

Alex Masek, who holds the all-time WSOP Circuit ring record with six, won't be capturing his seventh here today as he was just eliminated by Henry Tran.

Tran Has Fun, Adds to Stack

Henry Tran defended his big blind against a late position opener who had raised to 3,500. He then checked and called another 3,500 on a flop of . Both players checked the turn, and the river brought the .

"How Do You Like Me Now?"

Larry Ormson has been working with a short stack for the past few hours, but you can't keep a good man down. In a recent hand, Ormson got his last 9,000 all in preflop holding the and was up against the of Henry Tran.

Did Tran Make the Wrong Move?

We happened upon Table 33 with approximately 14,000 already in the pot and a board reading .

Cohen Sends Tran to the Rail

According to Brett Schwertley, Henry Tran had three-bet an under-the-gun raiser's 2,400 open to 7,400. Louie Cohen, in the three seat and to Tran's immediate left, raised all in.

Tran Doubles Up to His Starting Stack

Henry Tran was heads up with 2,000 in the pot on a flop of where he called a bet of 800. The turn brought the and Tran was faced with a bet of 2,500. He made the call and as the hit the river he snap called an all-in bet of 7,950.

Tran Lays Down Queens

Just before the level went up, we stumbled upon a pot with around 7,500 in the middle and a board reading . Henry Tran was in the big blind and fired out a healthy bet of 5,000 only to have the player to his direct right raised to 20,000.

De Leon Gets Max Value & Sends Tran Packing

Just before the dinner break we watched a massive pot develop between Christian de León and Henry Tran that resulted in the latter's elimination. We caught the action with 14,000 in the pot and a board reading .