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Tag: henry tran

Tran Flops a Near-Cinch

Henry Tran just won a massive pot in a blind-versus-blind battle after flopped, and Tran got it in with for a flush against . A scary appeared on the turn to give Tran a sweat, but the river was clean.

Henry Tran Eliminated in 13th Place ($5,000)

Henry Tran got the last of his chips all in against the of Ryan Dykhouse. Tran was ahead with , but fell behind after the flop. The turn and river provided no help and Tran has hit the rail and will head to his Evansville, IN home.

Tran Nearly Triples

Adam Friedman raised to 40,000 from early position and Jean Gaspard called from the hijack. Henry Tran moved all in for 127,000 from the cutoff and Jeremy Ehrke also pushed all in for 159,000 from the big blind.

Tran Doubles

Philip Wiszowaty moved all in from early position and was called by Henry Tran in the big blind.

Tran and Gaspard Tangle

We walked up to three-way action and a flop of . Action checked to Henry Tran who bet 3,100. Jean Gaspard called and their opponent folded. The turn was the and Gaspard led for 6,300. Tran called and the fell on the river.

Henry Tran Eliminated in 7th Place (AU$8,900)

Hand #33: From the button, Henry Tran moved all in for 46,000 and Nick Piskopos called in the big blind.

More of the Same

Hand #29: Andrew Dales opened to 6,000 from the hijack and Duncan McKinnon three-bet to 15,000. Dales folded and McKinnon was pushed the pot.

Action Starting to Heat Up

Hand #15: Andrew Dales opened to 6,000 and Scott Calcagno three-bet to 17,500. Dales folded and Calcagno collected the pot. Hand #16: Scott Calcagno made it 6,000 from the button and won the blinds and antes.

Tony Hachem Eliminated in 8th Place (AU$7,008)

Hand #13: Brandon Shack-Harris opened to 6,000 and Nelson Maccini three-bet to 9,000. Shack-Harris called, and then check-called 8,000 on the flop before check-calling 16,000 when the turn landed the .

Family Pot Sees Tran Double

Yanji Ge limped in from under the gun and was soon followed with limps by Joe Cabret, Brandon Shack-Harris, Darian Tan, Xue Wu and Henry Tran in the small blind before Scott Calcagno checked his option to see all the table 10 players involv

Bounties for Tran and Phan

Tien Phan had a short stack at risk with   and held up versus   on a board of    .

Henry Tran Busts in 24th

Henry Tran has quickly found himself on the rail following the break. Tran was one of the shorter stacks in the field and was eager to get his chips all in preflop holding . Unfortunately for Tran, he ran into the of Adrian Bolzonello.

"What a Turn Card" for Tran

Faced with a bet of 500 from the small blind, Henry Tran made a huge raise to 3,500 on the board. The small blind called, then checked the river. Tran switched gears with a tiny bet of 1,500, and the small blind chuckled as he called.

Tran Bows Out

Henry Tran went bust in a hand we didn't see.

Tran Survives

A player opened to 2,100 in middle position, and Henry Tran shoved his last 6,375 in. The opener made what looked to be a reluctant call.

Tran Isolates, Eliminates One

A player was already all in on a board of when Henry Tran shoved for approximately 26,000. A third player in the pot went into the tank before ultimately folding. "Pair of jacks," announced the all-in player, turning .

Not Tran's Day

Sydney local Henry Tran has just filled us in on his unlucky day. Apparently he first lost a big pot when he held , three-bet Jesse McKenzie preflop in position and McKenzie called with and the made a full house on a board.

Tran Leads Final Eight

Sixty-seven players made the cut to begin Day 3 of Event #58: $1,111 Little One for One Drop, but only a select eight are still in contention after 10 levels of play today.

Runaway Tran

Nghi Tran is up to 530,000 chips and is bulldozing his opponents at his table. We caught up with a hand where Tran had led from the big blind for 12,000 on a flop and Liv Boeree called.

Boeree, Tran Spar; Owen Busts

Henry Tran raised to 1,275 from early position, and Liv Boeree reraised to 2,700 from the hijack. Everyone folded to Tran, who made the call. "I check to you, because you're a nice lady," he said.