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Kaverman Sends Bellande Packing

Byron Kaverman raised under the gun to 16,000 and the action folded to Jean-Robert Bellande in the big blind. Bellande moved all in for 66,000 chips and Kaverman made the call right away.

Bellande Calls Kaverman Out for Playing Slow

"Hey Doc," Jean-Robert Bellande yelled to the table next to him at David "Doc" Sands. "I'll trade you for Isaac." "What did I do?" Isaac Baron said quickly, before Bellande apologized.

Bellande's Straight Beats Colman's Set

Dan Colman fired 45,000 on the flop against Jean-Robert Bellande. Bellande called, and the turn was the . Colman bet 80,000, and Bellande called once again. The river was the , and Colman fired 90,000. Bellande quickly called.

"You Called Me on the Flop With Jack-High?"

With the $4,800 straddle on, Jean-Robert Bellande raised to $15,000 from the button and got calls from Rick Salomon and Bill Perkins. The flop came , and Bellande bet $20,000. Only Salomon continued, and both checked the .

Esfandiari Gets Thin Value

Jean-Robert Bellande raised to $7,000 and got a call from John Morgan. Antonio Esfandiari squeezed it to $23,000, and only Morgan called, though he would be out of position with Esfandiari on the button.

Small One for Bellande

Rick Salomon raised to $12,000 with the $2,400 straddle on, and Bill Perkins called from the mandatory straddle. Jean-Robert Bellande called from the big straddle, and everyone checked to the river as the board rolled out .

"Alright, Antonio, You're Just Better Than I Am"

Antonio Esfandiari raised to $8,000 from the cutoff, and Jean-Robert Bellande defended from the $2,400 straddle. Bellande check-called $11,000 on the flop, and $21,000 on the turn.

"You Have Five-High, You Have to Bet"

Rick Salomon opened for $10,000 on the button, and Bill Perkins called from the big blind, as did Jean-Robert Bellande from the $2,400 straddle. Everyone checked the flop, and the hit the turn.

One for Klein

Three players put in $11,000 preflop, with Jean-Robert Bellande the raiser. The flop came , and Al DeCarolis checked. Bellande bet $11,000, and Bill Klein called, while DeCarolis folded.

Dinner Break

John Morgan just dropped back to even after he bet $20,000 on a board and got raised to $70,000 by Al DeCarolis. Morgan called and lost to .

Perkins Doubles Through JRB

Jean-Robert Bellande just barreled down a board of putting Bill Perkins all in for $122,000 on the river. Perkins thought it over for about a minute, waved his hand, and then verbalized a call. "I missed," Bellande said.

Bellande's Stack

Jean-Robert Bellande's starting stack has been alternately reported as $500,000, $1 million, and now $500,000 again. We'll try to figure out the right amount on the next break. He's currently sitting with around $450,000.

Another Big One for Perkins

Jean-Robert Bellande raised to $5,000 and got three callers. He bet $11,000 on the , and Bill Perkins check-raised to $35,000 after one fold. The fourth player folded, and Bellande called.

Bellande Takes from Perkins

Bill Perkins check-called $15,000 on a flop from Jean-Robert Bellande. He check-called $35,000 more on the turn, and the river was a . Perkins checked a final time and quickly called $65,000.

Aggression Wins for Salomon

Jean-Robert Bellande raised to $4,000 and got three-bet to $17,000 by Bill Klein. Rick Salomon cold-called on the button, and Bellande continued as well, seeing a flop. Klein bet $15,000 after Bellande checked, and only Salomon called.

Bellande's Frustration Boils Over When Esfandiari Hits "Jack Sh*t"

Antonio Esfandiari raised to $3,000 from the button and Bob Bright called from the small blind. Jean-Robert Bellande then three-bet to $14,000 from the big blind, Esfandiari four-bet to $44,000, and Bright got out of the way.

Ivey Can't Catch Esfandiari

Jean-Robert Bellande raised to $3,500 and got two customers, Phil Ivey and Antonio Esfandiari (button). Bellande bet $8,000 on the flop, and Ivey called. Esfandiari made it $28,000, and both opponents called.


Play has resumed, and Doyle Brunson headed for the hills, leaving a six-handed game in his wake.

"Alright Bob, I'll Believe You"

Matthew Kirk opened for $3,000 only to be met by a three-bet to $13,000 by Bob Bright. Jean-Robert Bellande flatted, Kirk called the additional $10,000, and the triumvirate saw a flop of .

No Headway for Kirk

Matthew Kirk finally dragged a pot with a flush, though he didn't get any action on the last two streets in a three-handed pot.