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Tag: Matt Jarvis

2011 Champ Eliminated

Matt Jarvis, former November Niner and 2011 winner of this event, has been eliminated. He moved all in preflop with the for 1,850 and was called by an opponent holding the . The board ran out , and Jarvis was out the door.

Ray Beats Jarvis in Battle of Aces

In late postion Brian Ray raised to 12,000. Action folded to Matt Jarvis on the button and he re-raised to 27,500. Action being back on Ray and he tanked then re-raised up to 54,000. Jarvis then had a real decision.

Jarvis is Up Lots

Jason Potter raised it up to 2,600 preflop. A player in late position called. Matt Jarvis re-raised it to 8,200 from the big blind. Potter made it 16,200 to go and the late position player got out of the way and it was up to Jarvis.

Kings Get Double Knockout

Matt Jarvis, Allen Cunningham, and another player we were unable to recognize had their cards flipped over with Jarvis showing , Cunningham had , and another player had . The board ran out clean and Jarvis's kings got a double knockout.

Jarvis Slips

Matt Jarvis opened to 1,700 from early position and was called by the player in the big blind. The flop brought and action was checked to Jarvis who continued out for 2,100.

Jarvis On Fire

The flop read and a player bet 1,600. Matt Jarvis was his lone opponent and called the bet. The turn was the and Jarvis' opponent shot out 3,600. Jarvis flat called once more and the river brought the .

Update From a Stacked Table

Large field tournaments always seem to have one outstanding table draw with several big names seated together and today is no different.

Jarvis Losses A Pot

We just caught 2010 November Niner Matt Jarvis in a hand that has knocked him down to 33,000. We saw the flop come down , and saw Jarvis's opponent bet out 2,700. Jarvis was on the button, and he came in for a raise to 7,000.

Good Flop for Jarvis

When we arrived at Matt Jarvis' table, he appeared to have been three-bet shoving for 9,575 after a player opened for 3,000 from middle position. The player thought hard, taking almost a minute to decide that he would in fact make the call.

Jarvis Wins a Few

When we arrived at Matt Jarvis' table, there was already over 5,000 in chips in the pot and a board was showing, with one player set to act before Jarvis. The player fired out 2,800 and Jarvis thought for a long time before call.

Jarvis Ships Three-Way All In

John Phan was first to act, and opened for a raise. A player on the button moved all in for 7,725, Matt Jarvis re-shoved for 14,350, and the action was on Mike Leah in the big blind. "Wow," sighed Leah.

Jarvis On The Rail

Matt Jarvis has just been spotted having a late dinner on the rail and therefore it's safe to assume the 2010 November Nine member has busted this tournament.

Good At Winning Flips

"Guess i'm just getting good at winning flips," said Matt Jarvis after the following hand played out. A middle position player opened it up to 1,200 and Jarvis then three-bet shoved from the big blind.

Jarvis Jousting His Way up the Counts

Former 'November Nine' member and WSOP bracelet holder Matt Jarvis is doing just fine today. We recently wandered past his table where a board was showing .

Jarvis Doing Fine

Matt Jarvis is probably most well known for being part of the 'November Nine' in 2010. He took 8th in that event to finish with a score over $1 million.

Williams Wins in Incredible Fashion

David Williams had just doubled through Yevgeniy Timoshenko the hand prior and was close to even. Timoshenko used his last lammer to load up. Williams then moved all in on the next hand and Timoshenko called.

Jarvis Can't Dodge a Heart

Mike Watson raised to 2,700 and the action got folded to Matt Jarvis who was in the big blind. Jarvis three-bet to 7,800 and Watson made the call. The flop came down and Jarvis opted to check to Watson who bet 9,600.

Jarvis Gets Back in it

Matt Jarvis just found a double up, even though it was a lucky one. He got all his money into the pot pre flop against Daniel Alaei in a button-big blind battle. Jarvis was all-in for 24,200.

Jarvis's Plan Fails

Igor Kurganov brought us up to speed as Matt Jarvis was thinking about calling a big river bet JC Tran just put out. Tran had raised from the button and Jarvis made the call from the big blind.

Huge Three-Way Pot

From the cutoff Matt Jarvis raised and he got called from the small and big blind. So far so good. The flop was and JC Tran lead out for 1,100. Dypvik, who was in the big blind, called.