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Michael Mizrachi Eliminated in 17th Place (€3,800)

Atanas Kavrakov raised to 13,000 and snap-called the three-bet shove of Michael Mizrachi for what looked like 65,000 with  . It was a flip against the   of the American and Kavrakov would emerge victorious on a board of     .

Mizrachi Crippled in Consecutive Hands

After the previous three-way all in, Michael Mizrachi got involved in yet another massive pot. He called a raise to 10,500 by Carl Maertzen and the player in the big blind called as well.

Sergey Minaev Eliminated in 19th Place (€3,600)

Sergey Minaev was all in preflop after a raise and Michael Mizrachi isolated but Atanas Kavrakov didn't go anywhere, putting himself also at risk for 232,500.

Short Stack Trouble

Vitalii Grekul lost about half his stack and joins the shorter stacks whereas Michael Mizrachi distanced himself from the rest of the field again.

Triple Up for Minaev

Ercan Olgun had won a pot off Michael Mizrachi again and then raised to 12,000 from under the gun. Sergey Minaev moved all in for 28,000 from the button and Mizrachi called out of the big blind, so did Olgun.

Tick Tock

Michael Mizrachi raised to 8,000 and called the three-bet of Ivan Luca from the hijack, so did Vitalii Grekul on the button. On the    flop all players checked and Mizrachi bet 25,000 on the turn.

Jam Deluxe

After a raise by Carl Maertzen and Michael Mizrachi as well as Ivan Luca getting involved, they headed three-way to the flop of   . Luca checked from the big blind and Maertzen did so from the cutoff.

Two For Two?!

On the     turn, Carl Maertzen and Michael Mizrachi both committed 25,000 chips to the pot and the completed the board. Maertzen checked and Mizrachi now bet 50,000. "That's a bad river for me, even ace-king now arrived.

Daniele Mazzia is the Bubble Boy

Daniele Mazzia moved all in for 22,500 chips from early position and was called by Michael Mizrachi before Atanas Kavrakov in the small blind moved all in over the top.

Mizrachi (Ab)uses the Bubble

After a raise and a three-bet, Michael Mizrachi and Ercan Olgun got involved into a massive pot post-flop with the community cards reading   .

Naydenov's Second Nuts are no Good

Onur Unsal raised from the button and was called by Simeon Naydenov and Michael Mizrachi in the blinds. On the    flop, Mizrachi bet 8,000 and Unsal raised to 20,500.

The Big Bang Theory

Michael Mizrachi raised to 4,500 and Majid Ejlal Noubarian three-bet to 16,000, which was called by the American. On the    flop, Noubarian led for 20,000 and Mizrachi made it 55,000 to go.

Dubinsky Loses Flip to Mizrachi

Igor Dubinsky had about 60,000 chips left and got it in preflop with  . Michael Mizrachi took the coin flip with   and held up with the board running out     .

Mizrachi Keeps on Firing

A reraise to 13,300 was in front of Dimitar Yosifov and the Bulgarian called the squeeze of Michael Mizrachi to 28,500 preflop, heading to the flop of   .

Mizrachi's Maniac Style Pays Off

Michael Mizrachi is a master at accumulating chips very fast, playing hyper aggressive and either busting or going very deep. The WPT National Cyprus is yet another example and his latest victim was Marc Goschel.

Good Start for Yosifov

F.S. more than doubled up his starting stack and Dimitar Yosifov was the player that knocked out Khalil Tawil. The Bulgarian had pocket aces and shot three barrels on a board of      to claim the early knockout.

Almani Triples up in Last Hand

Michael Mizrachi raised to 1,800 and Ercan Olgun called before Mohamed Almani three-bet to 5,500. Amir Saeid moved all in for 22,675 and Nikolay Tsanev opted for a call after some consideration.

Mizrachi's Madness Against Naydenov

With already 25,000 in the pot on a turn of    , Simeon Naydenov bet 19,200 and Michael Mizrachi cut out a huge raise to more than 80,000 if we are not mistaken.

A Trio of Big Stacks

Michael Mizrachi has lost quite some chips over the course of the last level and has now less than Simeon Naydenov and Barny Boatman.

Tsanev Versus Mizrachi

Joining the action on a flop of   , Simeon Naydenov checked and Michael Mizrachi bet 1,900, which only Nikolay Tsanev called. On the turn "The Grinder" tossed in a 5,000 chip and Tsanev called after some consideration.