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Tag: michael mizrachi

Mizrachi Eliminated

Michael Mizrachi's tournament is over, he's out after losing a flip with to Patryk Slusarek's on a board.

Toffel Triple

On the turn of a board, Michael Mizrachi had fired out a 30,000 bet to set Daryosh Rossookh and Danny Toffel both all in. Rossookh tanked for several minutes before calling and Toffel snap-called behind him.

Mizrachi Doubles Through Melin

Michael Mizrachi came back for one last crack at WPT Nottingham and he's just doubled up through Sin Melin. Mizrachi was all in with against Melin's and the board came .

Exits Like Buses

Michael Mizrachi has been knocked out, 'The Grinder' was all in for his last 6,000 with king-jack on a jack-high board but ran into ace-jack.

Two Pair vs. Two Pair

With the board reading , Marvin Rettenmaier checked on the end, and Michael Mizrachi bet 9,000 into a pot of around 7,000. The German sat scratching his head for a minute or two before making the call.

The Tournament Gets More Difficult

Former World Poker Tour winner Dominik Nitsche, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, and the highly-rated Spaniard Sergio Aido are the latest players to have been eliminated from the High Roller event, and all three have jumped straigh

Day 1a Chip Leader Michael Mizrachi Eliminated in Day 3's First Hand

In the first hand of the day, Day 1a chip leader Michael Mizrachi has been eliminated.

Mizrachi Finally Has a Real Hand, Gets Runner Runnered by a November Niner

Michael Mizrachi was up to an impressive 256,800, but just lost a 100,000 pot to fall back to just over 210,000. Mizrachi, under the gun, got his chips in against November Niner Andoni Larrabe in the hijack on .

Kitai Bugging Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi started out as one of the biggest stacks in the room, but he has a neighbor on his left who can be quite irritant to deal with.

Welcome To Day 2

A total of 889 players will take their seats at noon, combining the day 1a (270) and 1b (619) survivors. The record breaking field lost a lot of players on the first days, but it's still huge.

Mizrachi Busts Wang

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi just added another opponent's stack to his own when he sent Chaofei Wang home. Wang was all in with against Mizrachi's , and Mizrachi flopped a set of nines to finish off the man from China.

Mizrachi Can't Bluff Karlsson Off Aces

From under the gun, Jakob Karlsson raised to 1,200.

Mizrachi Takes One with a Pair

After a player opened to 1,100 from the hijack seat and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi called from the cutoff seat, Kyrylo Kustov reraised from the small blind to 4,500.

Wang Doubles Through Mizrachi

After getting up to 165,000, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi just lost 10,575 back after doubling up Chaofei Wang.

Mizrachi Runs Into Kustov's Higher Flush

From early position, Ukraine's Kyrylo Kustov raised to 650. Jean-Pierre Tseng Ah Wang — the player who ran into Michael Mizrachi's quads just two hands prior — called from the cutoff seat, and then Mizrachi called out of the big blind.

Mizrachi Flops Quads

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi has been booming here in the early levels, and just increased to 158,000 thanks to flopping quad eights. On the final board of , Jean-Pierre Tseng Ah Wang checked to Mizrachi.

Mizrachi Grinding in the Right Direction

Michael Mizrachi and the big blind checked on , and the player in the hijack position bet 4,000. The first player folded, but Mizrachi made the call. The hit the turn and both players checked.

Mizrachi Flushes Chidwick

As we approached table 45, Michael Mizrachi just checked from the small blind on . Stephen Chidwick on the button bet out 800, and Mizrachi check raised to 1,775. Chidwick added the needed 975, and they were of to the turn.

Mizrachi Doubles Through Hansen

It was only a matter of time before Gus Hansen and Michael Mizrachi tangled. With the latter only having 10,000 in chips left, it was an easy shove holding and an easy call for Hansen holding .

Mizrachi Takes Most

Omaha 8 We arrived at the table in time to find Andrey Zaichenko and Michael Mizrachi take a flop with a third player already all in and at risk. The dealer fanned and both active players checked to the turn.