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Tag: Mike Matusow

The Mouth Silenced

Mike "The Mouth" Matusow just exited the Signature Room and told a friend as he was leaving about the two hands he played this tournament. Neither of them were good for him.

Matusow Finds a Fold

Mike Matusow checked to Garrett Greer on a board of , and Greer fired out 6,625. Matusow check-raised to 15,000, and Greer tanked for a considerable amount of time before calling.

Matusow Folding To Raises

Mike Matusow has folded to a raise or reraise in the last two pots he entered, not ideal when sitting below a 30-big blind stack. The first hand Matusow led out for 5,100 on a flop and his opponent raised to 10,200.

Matusow Forced To Fold

We came to the table with the hand already in progress. Matusow led out for 3,500 on the flop and the player on the button raised to 9,000. Matusow made the call and the turn was dealt. Matusow checked to his opponent, who bet 15,000.

Cards Are Falling For Merson

Action folded around to the button, who raised to 1,500. Greg Merson, in the small blind, made the call and was followed by an all in from the big blind. The button folded and Merson made the call.

Matusow Hooks Another

We arrived at the table in time to hear a short-stacked player announcing he was all in and Event #13: $5,000 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or-Better winner Mike Matusow making the call.

Bet It And It Will Come

Not long before we witnessed this hand, Mike Matusow mentioned to us that he was having a hard time waking up. Maybe this hand is just what he needed. Matusow raised from under the gun to 1,600.

Mike Matusow, Mayor of Valuetown

With the flop showing , World Series of Poker mainstay Mike "The Mouth" Matusow led out for a bet of 1,500, and his opponent flatted in position.

Two Pair for Lovelace. Twice.

Mike Matusow raised to 700 under the gun. Then Stew Lovelace called and the big blind called. Matusow continued for 1,300 when the flop came , and only Lovelace called.

A Silent Mouth

We passed by Mike "The Mouth" Matusow's table and noticed the normally animated and excitable player silently playing a pot.

Gal Erlichman Rides the Rockets to the Top of the Leaderboard

We passed by the table where T.J. Cloutier and Mike Matusow are now sitting, and overheard Cloutier laughing a bit about a previous hand. "He only played every hand for two hours...," said Cloutier in his famous Southern drawl.

Matusow & Negreanu Ousted

Razz Mike Matusow: / Mike Gorodinsky: / / A short-stacked Mike Matusow, who won his fourth bracelet earlier this series, completed all in for 3,300 only to have Mike Gorodinsky, who also won a bracelet this year, raise to 8,300.

Queens for Matusow

Limit Hold'em Josh Arieh raised from the cutoff seat and got two callers including Mike Matusow playing from the small blind. The flop came . It checked to Arieh who bet, Matusow check-raised, the big blind folded, and Arieh called.

Matusow and Hang Chop One

Omaha-8 Tommy Hang raised from under the gun, Talal Shakerchi called from the small blind, and Mike "The Mouth" Matusow called from the big blind. The flop came down , and Shakerchi and Matusow checked.

Matusow Exits

Speaking to Joe Hachem, he informed us that Mike Matusow held against the of John O'Shea. The flop fell king-high when all the money went in and Matusow failed to improve and was sent to the rail just short of the final four tables.

Matusow Rivers Straight

From the button Mike Matusow potted to 10,500 leaving himself just 7,500. The big blind called, and on the flop Matusow moved all in with the big blind calling.

"All Playing for 2nd!"

Mike Matusow found himself all in for his last 21,600 against Gary Bolden on a flop. Matusow: Bolden: The turn and river ran out the and and Matusow doubled through.

Matusow and Chidwick Chop

Mike Matusow opened to 4,000 and Stephen Chidwick three-bet to 14,400 from the cutoff. The blinds passed and Matusow made the call before potting when the flop came . Chidwick raised, and Matusow committed his 40,000 total in his stack..

Liebert Doubles Up, But Still Short

Kathy Liebert's stack has doubled after a clash with Mike Matusow went her way. Liebert moved all in for 600 chips and Matusow called saying "I have the worst hand in history," before turning over his cards.

Matusow Turns a Wheel and Doubles Up

Mike Matusow has doubled to 11,350 after scooping both the high and low of a hand that went down moments ago. Matusow was all-in and at risk of elimination on a flop, where he held to the fo his opponent.