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Up to 31 Reentries

Scott Seiver and Christoph Vogelsang bumped up the list of reentries to 31 while Christopher Frank and Charlie Carrel departed. The late new arrivals include the two Finns Joni Jouhkimainen and Jussi Nevanlinna.

Seiver Calls Off Shove; Busts

On the turn, Hossein Ensan bet 5,000 and Scott Seiver called from one seat over before the EPT11 Malta finalist shoved the river.

Global Poker Index: Maneuvering in Malta as McDonald, O’Dwyer Rejoin Top 10

Anthony Zinno still leads the 2015 GPI POY race and Byron Kaverman is still the overall rankings leader, but just barely in both cases.

McDonald Gets There

Just a couple days removed from winning the €25K High Roller here at the EPT12 Malta Canadian Mike McDonald has just turned a decent stack into a massive one here late on Day 2 of the Main Event.

The Tournament is Over; Urbanovich is in

Serial EPT event winner Dzmitry Urbanovich joined the field and that is an immediate threat to basically all the other players. He already scooped one EPT trophy here on Malta again while a few other participants bowed out recently.

Up to 66 Entries

The jokes have become less frequent while the splashing of chips dominated the action recently.

Seiver Eliminated in Penultimate Hand of the Night

With around 20,000 in the pot and a board reading , Scott Seiver had his last 10,250 out in front of him from the big blind and Lauri Varonen was debating what to do from middle position.

Seiver Empties the Clip

On the flop, Vicente Delgado checked and Scott Seiver bet 1,500. Delgado called and did so again on the turn for 2,900 before checking the third street in a row on the river.

Seiver's Day is Done

Scott Seiver opened for 9,500 and received a call from Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari. Poland's Jose Carlos Garcia then three-bet to 26,500, Seiver four-bet all in for roughly 80,000, and Akkari got out of the way.

Badziakouski Calls With Ace High

On a board of Scott Seiver had bet 56,000 from the cutoff. Mikita Badziakouski on the button tanked for a long time and the clock was called. The tournament director came over and informed Badziakouski he had one minute to act on his hand.

Zinno Hits His Flush

Philip Sternheimer opened for 5,500 and his next door neighbor Anthony Zinno made a rather small three bet to 9,000. Vladimir Troyanovskiy cold called from the small blind and Sternheimer called as well.

Mateos Busts; Promptly Reenters

With around 20,000 in the pot and a flop of , Scott Seiver bet 5,000 from middle position and Adrian Mateos called from the hijack. Mike McDonald folded from the cutoff, and it was heads-up action to the turn.

Frank Takes from Seiver

With around 20,000 in the pot and a flop of , Christopher Frank checked from the hijack and then called when Scott Seiver bet 13,500 from the cutoff. Both players then checked the turn, and action repeated itself on the river.

Seiver Bets All Streets

Scott Seiver opened for 3,000 from early position and Sam Greenwood in the big blind called. Greenwood check called 3,000 on the flop, check-called another 9,000 on the turn, and finally check called 21,000 on the river.

More Brian Rast vs. Scott Seiver: Four-Flush Board Suits Rast

A key hand from heads-up play between Brian Rast and Scott Seiver in the $500,000 Super High Roller Bowl features four cards to a flush on the board.

The Importance of Limping Big Hands from the Small Blind

A blinds battle between Brian Rast and Scott Seiver from the $500,000 Super High Roller Bowl shows the value of sometimes limping in from the small blind.

Hold’em with Holloway, Vol. 46: Seiver Leverages the River in Super High Roller Bowl

In a new "Hold'em With Holloway," Managing Editor Chad Holloway examines a hand Scott Seiver played during the $500,000 Super High Roller Bowl.

Global Poker Index: Five Weeks as Overall Leader for Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier remains the overall Global Poker Index leader for a fifth-straight week while Anthony Zinno stays on top of the 2015 Player of the Year race.

Brian Rast Discusses Big Win in Inaugural $500,000 Super High Roller Bowl

Brian Rast talks about winning the $500,000 Super High Roller Bowl for $7,525,000.

Brian Rast Wins Inaugural $500,000 Super High Roller Bowl for $7,525,000

Brian Rast topped a field of 43 players to win the inaugural $500,000 Super High Roller Bowl for $7,525,000.