Now Live 2015 Seneca Niagara Falls Summer Slam

Tag: Travell Thomas

Thomas Tames The Table

With $477,559 in career live tournament earnings, Travell Thomas is easily one of the most accomplished players in the Western New York area.

T- Minus

Local legend Travell Thomas just became Kyle Jeffery's latest victim. He turned up just before the registration period ended, then got it all in with versus Jeffery's . They both turned a jack, but the kicker played.

Moeller Still Accumulating

It's been a steady trent upward for Pat Moeller all day, and he added another level to his chip tower moments ago against Dietrich Kuhlmann. With the board showing , Travell Thomas led out for 3,800.

Doubting Thomas

Adam Suraf had built himself a contending stack over the first few levels of play but just messed with the ever-dangerous Travell Thomas to give a little back.

Thomas Doubles Through Kaemmerlen

We walked up to Table 6 to find Travell Thomas making a three-bet to 3,200. Action folded back to Pete Kaemmerlen, who moved all in for around 17,000. Thomas called for 14,450 total and was in bad shape.

Travell Thomas Eliminated in 10th Place ($434)

Travell Thomas was all in before the flop with the against Scott Hosbach's , and Hosbach played executioner again when the board ran out . Thomas now has three top 20 finishes in the Summer Slam but has failed to crack the top nine.

Repeat Performance for Ciffa?

Joe Ciffa contonues his climb up the leaderboard. We walked up to his table to see Ciffa check on a flop. Travell Thomas bet 7,500, Peter Raimondi called, and Ciffa quickly tossed out six T5,000 chips for a raise.

Ciffa Still Running Hot

Event #2 champ Joe Ciffa limped from early position and Travell Thomas raised to 7,500 directly behind. Only Ciffa called, and Ciffa then shoved for 27,700 on the flop. Thomas called instantly.

Ansel Outflips Thomas

Travell Thomas raised to 4,500 from under the gun and got two callers. Brett Ansel then moved all in for 25,000 from the cutoff. Thomas reshoved all in, and the other two players got out of the way.

Thomas' Kings Cracked

After Greg Illig opened from early position, Travell Thomas moved all in for 69,000 more from the big blind. Illig got an official count before announcing a call, and the cards were tabled.

Thomas Busts One

Four players — including Travell Thomas and chip leader Scott Hosbach — limped, and the player in the small blind moved all in for 22,500.

Thomas is Out

A player from middle position opened to 12,000 and Dan Smith raised to 25,000 right behind. Travell Thomas pushed his last 52,500 forward and the original raiser got out of the way and Smith called.

Table Talk

We caught the action with the board reading and Matt Lapossie facing a bet of 10,500 from his heads-up opponent, Travell Thomas.

Talking Thomas

Travell Thomas is the one of the big talkers left in the tournament and he is talking up a storm and gathering chips at the same time. He is delighted to have Phil Hellmuth at his table and no doubt have position on him.

Travell Thomas Eliminated in 6th Place ($8,653)

After Bob De Wolfe limped from the hijack, a short-stacked Travell Thomas moved all in for 194,000 from the cutoff. Louis Aquilina called from the button, the blinds folded, and De Wolfe got out of the way.

Greg Miller Eliminated in 13th Place ($2,649)

Travell Thomas has been on a tear since returning from dinner. In a recent hand, he opened for 27,000 from the button and was met by an all-in three-bet to 166,000 from Greg Miller in the small blind.

Thomas Does It Again

Travell Thomas has a knack for calling cards. Earlier today he caught runner-runner to stay alive, which involved requesting and being given the on the river. Amazingly he's done it again.

"That Was a Slow Roll"

John Aga limped under the gun and a short-stacked Travell Thomas shoved all in from the cutoff for 26,000. The rest of the players folded and Aga thought for about 30 seconds before making the call.

Thomas Keeps His Main Event Hopes Alive

Action folded around to a short-stacked Travell Thomas on the button and he moved all in for 9,100. The small blind folded, but since it wasn't too much more to Johannes Mueller, he decided to call from the big.

Travell Thomas Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,019)

In the first hand back from the break, Travell Thomas got his short stack all in and was up against the red-hot Thomas Keeper. Keeper: Thomas: Thomas was looking for a king, but the flop failed to produce.