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2010 World Series of Poker

Event #4: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better

Level Info

Level 29
Blinds 50,000 / 100,000
Ante 0

Players Info

Prize Pool 1,104,300
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Michael Chow 3,681,000 1,481,000
Dan Heimiller Busted
Ylon Schwartz Busted
Fred Koubi Busted
Scott Epstein Busted
Michael Cipolla Busted
Sasha Rosewood Busted
Joe Leibman Busted
Todd Barlow Busted
James Mcwhorter Busted
Stephen Su Busted
Jeff Madsen Busted
Hamid Salari Busted
Chris Viox Busted
Robert Ferdinand Busted
Andreas Krause Busted
Mike Puskarich Busted
Huck Seed Busted
Ward Crane Busted
Brian Lives Busted
Shawn Buchanan Busted
Anthony Reategui Busted
Jesse Hollander Busted
David Bach Busted
Chau Giang Busted
Jason Stern Busted
Robert Goldfarb Busted
Bradley Libson Busted
Lonnie Heimowitz Busted
Thomas Schneider Busted
Ed Smith Busted
Clinton Steelman Busted
John Parker Busted
Robert Kearse Busted
Robert Lipkin Busted
Ty Takishita Busted
Allen Kessler Busted
Larry Etherington Busted
Sam Mudaro Busted
Craig Natte Busted
Dean Jackson Busted
Daniel Quach Busted
Daniel Baldev Busted
Dennis Seagle Busted
Thomas McCormick Busted
Jordan Seigel Busted
James Collopy Busted
Paul Fisher Busted
Charles Thompson Busted
Todd Brunson Busted
Matthew Waxman Busted
Alan Engel Busted
Gregory Mascio Busted
Mario Zeledon Busted
Allen Chang Busted
Mark Ferguson Busted
Oleg Shamardin Busted
Samuel Smith Busted
Ron Ware Busted
Joseph Spanne Busted
Michael Moed Busted
Cameron Mckinley Busted
Kevin Murphy Busted
Suk Sung Busted
Clarke Hill Busted
Paul Zibits Busted
Kenneth Dillon Busted
John Bunch Busted
Walter Smiley Busted
John Farrington Busted
Berry Johnston Busted
Shawn Koehn Busted
Charles Jett Busted
Fu Wong Busted
Andrew Black Busted
Jeffrey Dewitt Busted
Jeffrey Planck Busted
Douglas Kovacs Busted
Ken Lennaard Busted
Daniel Klein Busted
Steve Cowley Busted