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2011 World Series of Poker

Event #30: $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em Championship
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Craig Koch 915,000 40,000
Gregory Alston 624,000 219,000
Bruce Baker 573,000 535,800
Richard Harwood 549,000 29,000
Michael Millard 543,000 293,000
James Hess 491,000 88,000
Jack Ward 488,000 18,000
James Jarvis 442,000 401,500
Kenneth Russell 429,000 -31,000
Andrew Bradshaw 414,000 74,000
Stephen Krieg 384,000 371,400
Jimmy Parker 359,000 84,000
Brett Tannenbaum 342,000 318,100
Peter Lipton 341,000 341,000
Leo Whitt 320,000 292,600
Debbie Millican 294,000 280,900
Joseph Bolnick 293,000 278,200
Bruce MacGregor 281,000 36,000
Gary Mcdonald 276,000 242,200
Charles Cohen 275,000 -25,000
Stuart Krasney 260,000 230,300
Gregory Meredith 250,000 -200,000
Michael Johnson 240,000 194,500
John Sozio 238,000 235,000
James Jewell 193,000 166,100
Iry Taylor 190,000 163,500
Ralph Crow 187,000 61,000
Albert Balayn 183,000 153,300
Hans Pfister 148,000 -157,000
Rodney Clarida 139,000 24,000
Robert Mitchell 115,000 97,800
Donald Belanger 113,000 91,700
Craig Zotter 91,000 63,900
Louis Cheffy 24,000 -6,900
Anthony Vidmer Busted
Marlene Stein Busted
Keith Clarke Busted
Simone Strookman Busted
Kenneth Selle Busted
Timothy Schlink Busted
Ravinder Bedi Busted
Randall Davis Busted
Jeanpaul Debrouwer Busted
Jay Helfert Busted
Russell Chabaud Busted
Robert Kim Busted
James Mccown Busted
Daniel Pawlak Busted
Jack Pyms Busted
Gerson Bryson Busted
Phillip Morris Busted
Terry Myers Busted
Kenneth Billings Busted
Vickie Seley Busted
Mark Lisinsky Busted
James Viglizzo Busted
Wayne Kawachi Busted
Barry Clapp Busted
Thomas Elliott Busted
Michael Guzaldo Busted
William Scara Busted
Thomas Premeaux Busted
Stephen Katz Busted
Steve Sparks Busted
Thomas Kenley Busted
Curtis Kravitz Busted
Mark Turner Busted
Alfred Polson Busted
Donald Gough Busted
Michael Souchak Busted
Kirk Culberson Busted
Richard Geriner Busted
Dee Steil Busted
Bobbie Macon Busted
David Macdonald Busted
William Mckelvie Busted
Mel Anderson Busted
Darwin Smith Busted
Elton Ngan Busted
Miles Lewis Busted
Gregory Webb Busted
Bruce Nahorney Busted
Andrew Haaland Busted
Diane Kiefer Busted
Cheryl Warson Busted
James Jackson Busted
Steven Schwartz Busted
Rolland Jones Busted
James Sutton Busted
Frank Derry Busted
Kent Padgett Busted
David Hahn Busted
Bradley Beaubien Busted
Garfield Peck Busted
Jose Escamilla Busted
Harold Finn Busted
Karl Hoppess Busted
Roger Winans Busted
Skip Plotnicki Busted
Joseph Kurtz Busted
W. Douglas Barnum Busted
Clifford Rutherford Busted
Michael Sutyak Busted
Brian Kirkpatrick Busted
John Northern Busted
Thad Loudenback Busted
Anthony Nunez Busted
Gioi Luong Busted
Waldon Louie Busted
Rex Bird Busted
Howard Antonoff Busted
Ernest Buche Busted
Tom Hanna Busted
Donald Webb Busted
Perry Modir Busted
James Proszek Busted
Thomas Lawler Busted
Bruce Antman Busted
Vincent Lacariere Busted
Nancy Larson Busted
Joel Kerman Busted
Peter Ma Busted
Jerry Skinner Busted
Thomas Kawachika Busted
Leon Riley Busted
Barry Seidman Busted
Randall Hempling Busted
Anthony Hamilton Busted
Arthur Molloy Busted
Lawrence Jacobs Busted
Lyle Ratner Busted
Stephen Weinstein Busted
Dave Moyses Busted
Harlan Miller Busted
Gary Braufman Busted
Patrick Bohannon Busted
John Underwood Busted
Jim Stephens Busted
Robert Robbins Busted
John Kohler Busted
Jeffrey Niedelman Busted
Steven Calvaneso Busted
Gary Starrett Busted
Terence Magee Busted
Joseph Mattingly Busted
Anthony Slattery Busted
Robert Pakkala Busted
Terry Aston Busted
Mitsuhiro Nakao Busted
Andre Boyer Busted
David Moskowitz Busted
Kenn Wittock Busted
Sanford Lubetkin Busted
Harvey Bundy Busted
Anthony Hornyak Busted
Glenn Martinez Busted
William Hamilton Busted
Greg Oleson Busted
Ron Mcmillen Busted
Lenox Baza Busted
Bruce Van Horn Busted
Ronald Nutt Busted
Steven Saxon Busted
Frank Presley Busted
Bernard Wheeler Busted
David Cupps Busted
Paul Magriel Busted
Eddie Coyne Busted
Daniel Dinzik Busted
Maureen Blatter Busted
John Oaks Busted
Jim Nickell Busted
Geoffrey Desobry Busted
Kelly Cooke Busted
Michael Leban Busted
Wally Coppini Busted
John Carreno Busted
William Stecker Busted
Curtis Conant Busted
Bryan Ikeda Busted
Steven Solis Busted
Cal Kimes Busted
Michael Cosgrove Busted
Anthony Migliore Busted
Bobby Owings Busted
James Storz Busted
Russell Williams Busted
Steven Yanoff Busted
Gregory Keberlein Busted
Larry Pace Busted
Eddy Trink Busted
Dennis Jeffrey Busted
Joseph Wasylean Busted
Lawrence Petersen Busted
Adel Sobh Busted
Stephen Wilsdon Busted
Steven Miltenberger Busted
William Morgan Busted
John Slinger Busted
David Bednar Busted
James Wofford Busted
James Harris Busted
Skip Bales Busted
Kenneth Hayo Busted
Michael Bonkowski Busted
Lee Lawson Busted
Bradley Kuykendall Busted
Daniel Slaman Busted
Kirk Shelmerdine Busted
Marilyn Jordan Busted
David Kuahiwinui Busted
Kenneth Starling Busted
Larry Bryan Busted
Charles Tweedy Busted
John Bovin Busted
Gregory Sellgren Busted
Bruce Peterson Busted
Robert Whalen Busted
Larry Ramsey Busted
Timothy Porter Busted
James Pritchard Busted
Randy Mckay Busted
Jerome Jasicki Busted
Robert Chow Busted
Richard Mombourquette Busted
Jerry Milanos Busted
James Haver Busted
Ronald Kindsfater Busted
Johnny Landreth Busted
David Smith Busted
Michael Nolan Busted
James Russell Busted
Nicholas Andricopulos Busted
Larry Ormson Busted
Edward Molloy Busted
Joseph Davidman Busted
Mike Sica Busted
Richard Simone Busted
Donald Umphries Busted
Carl Merkling Busted
Sirous Jamshidi Busted
Tim Thorpe Busted
Hollis Barnhart Busted
Elaine Colton Busted
Ernesto Gonzalez Busted
Jim Voigt Busted
Edward Rudd Busted
Timothy Peters Busted
Charles Sewell Busted
Ron Jenkins Busted
Calogero Maltese Busted
Alfred Collins Busted
George Tsukamoto Busted
Michael Bienenstock Busted
Vincent Lepore Busted
William Ellis Busted
Ronnie Williams Busted
Michael Rabith Busted
Alden Hermansen Busted
Eric Stemp Busted
Edwin St. Amour Busted
Dwight Koch Busted
William Hou Busted
Edward Balchen Busted
Jeffrey Granowsky Busted
Bradford Weiss Busted
Samir Hanna Busted
Monte Kapple Busted
David Kopp Busted
James Thomas Busted
Frank Juarez Busted
William Steffin Busted
Andrew Garvin Busted
Alan Miles Busted
Susie Isaacs Busted
Rodney Shows Busted
Leo Root Busted
Richard Turner Busted
David Icke Busted
Imad Samouna Busted
Daniel Gerard Busted
Mike Carson Busted
Tommy Vinas Busted
David Levine Busted
Stephen Jarrett Busted
Bruce Aghaeepour Busted
Joseph Wimsett Busted
Rob Fitzgerald Busted
Douglas Ficken Busted
Robert Obrien Busted
Thomas Eberhard Busted
James Squires Busted
William Comee Busted
Richard Korbin Busted
David Troyer Busted
Roger Hairabedian Busted
Lawrence Scholl Busted
Dale Bauman Busted
Lawrence Huffman Busted
Chad Burum Busted
Robbin Kimura Busted
Yolanda Jones Busted
Steven Baker Busted
James Miller Busted
Kent Walter Busted
Vernon Vollertsen Busted
Robert Lebrecht Busted
Roy Scalf Busted
Leslie Haagenson Busted
Kanajett Hathaitham Busted
Anthony Grappo Busted
James Dillon Busted
Richard Hemphill Busted
Peter Giordano Busted
Mike Epstein Busted
Michael Brain Busted
Douglas Gibson Busted
Clarence Medina Busted
Poul Mollerup-Madsen Busted
Bernard Mccall Busted
Jack Guzdowski Busted
Paul Koch Busted
Mark Hurst Busted
Harold Rawls Busted
Robert Pettus Busted
Michael Kalich Busted
Clifford Mathews Busted
James Worley Busted
Dan Alspach Busted
Walton Carlisle Busted
Timothy Quinn Busted
Julius Cantu Busted
Anthony Palumbo Busted
Gary Richardson Busted
Bill Davis Busted
M Schroeder Busted
Steven Calhoun Busted
Aram Alexander Busted
David Ives Busted
James Winniman Busted
Edward Chevallier Busted
Stephen Barbella Busted
William Gibbons Busted
Charles Roosa Busted
Michael Countz Busted
Ronald Swain Busted
Al Ethier Busted
Richard Hensarling Busted
April Matthews Busted
Thomas Kasperski Busted
Stephen Birk Busted
Francis Thompson Busted
Ray Koerntgen Busted
Ernie Galliani Busted
Stephen Massa Busted
Bill Eichel Busted
Vincent Frigeria Busted
Dean Schneider Busted
Eric Schulz Busted
David Angel Busted
Darin Ann Parker Busted
John Arva Busted
Francesco Costa Busted
Richard Pumilia Busted
Jeffrey Gamble Busted
Paul Flynn Busted
James Cicala Busted
Larry Landgraf Busted
Kim Rasmussen Busted
Richard Hyde Busted
Padraig Parkinson Busted
Gregory Jackson Busted
Stephen Hagar Busted
Robert Schulze Busted
Tuan Nguyen Busted
Beverly Lowry Busted
Trevor Whiteway Busted
Deloris Batson Busted
James Mitchell Busted
Timothy Chauser Busted
Taylor Koch Busted
Kenneth Harbaugh Busted
Steve Trivelpiece Busted
Michael Gear Busted
Mark Rubin Busted
Anthony Gianfermi Busted
Roger Polark Busted
Hilary Reicher Busted
Victor Fey Busted
John Kurmel Busted
Siew Bickell Busted
Jeffrey Houston Busted
Russ Murphy Busted
Frank Echols Busted
Glen Beaudin Busted
Patrick Traficant Busted
Bradley Wilson Busted
Kenneth Piel Busted
Robert Thrush Busted
Emileo Sandoval Busted
Chris Platt Busted
Robert Taylor Busted
Syed Kadri Busted
Travis Newberry Busted
Kenneth Hockaday Busted
Patrick Hardesty Busted
Joseph Birt Busted
Harry Topper Busted
James Brown Busted
Eugene Hickman Busted
William Cole Busted
Charles Williams Busted
Edward Pflipsen Busted
John Roveto Busted
Glenn Pestrak Busted
William Peebles Busted
Mark Dunbar Busted
George Kolerich Busted
Jorge Pelayo Busted
Cary Sanders Busted
Michael Moore Busted
Robert Willis Busted
Scott Strable Busted
Harvey Lemmond Busted
Bruce Schulman Busted
Dolph Arnold Busted
Donald Hughes Busted
Timothy Gauthier Busted
Steven Freifeld Busted
William Davis Busted
Debra Burkhead Busted
Daniel Kelly Busted
Kenneth Coplon Busted
Edward Koch Busted
Laura Barnstuble Busted
Charles Brockinton Busted
Irving Peyser Busted
Stephen Bell Busted
Robert Porter Busted
Sherry Ripa Busted
Jeffrey Hudson Busted
Angel Calub Busted
Fred Louie Busted
Manfred Heinold Busted
Thomas Isaacs Busted
Stephen Ross Busted
Mike Vitullo Busted
Maurice Vanzee Busted
John Stafford Busted
Paul Lui Busted
Roger Hale Busted
James Lepage Busted
Sheldon Fine Busted
Kerry Goldberg Busted
Howard Steiner Busted
Glenn Bernier Busted
Richard Amano Busted
Elmer Thomas Busted
Gene Platano Busted
Raymond Newcomb Busted
Jeffrey Butler Busted
Gary Vick Busted
John Holewa Busted
Paul Herron Busted
Chung Liang Busted
Charles Ford Busted
Paul Loufek Busted
Fred Bell Busted
Richard Monroe Busted
Wendell Phillips Busted
Lawrence Marshall Busted
Ronald Zwickl Busted
Mitch Garshofsky Busted
Kay Knock Busted
Tom White Busted
William McKinney Busted
Rene Angelil Busted
Frederick Pettus Busted
Suzanne Thompson Busted
Mark Warling Busted
Terry Moore Busted
Gregory Lang Busted
Marc Chahmirian Busted
Joel Ruwet Busted
Steven Daughetee Busted
Rick Kilgore Busted
Charles Burns Busted
Michael Woods Busted
Steve Lewis Busted
Jim McManus Busted
Jerry Zimmerman Busted
Farhintaj Bonyadi Busted
Michael Loofbourrow Busted
Bruce Mack Busted
Brian Kennedy Busted
Terry Scott Busted
James Adamek Busted
Michael Clark Busted
Franklin Lacava Busted
Stanley Solis Busted
Jerry Zickert Busted
Richard Beaman Busted
Thomas Fraher Busted
Marsha Waggoner Busted
Reginald Luce Busted
John Zaleski Busted
Steven Waldron Busted
Alvin Latham Busted
Robert Gobbi Busted
Jerry Leva Busted
Thomas Bell Busted
Gerald White Busted
John Sanchez Busted
George Cochran Busted
David Rodriguez Busted
Donald Janicek Busted
Robert Sweeney Busted
Andrew Tedesco Busted
Jay Morgenstern Busted
Walter Collier Busted
Shirley Williams Busted
Charles Murray Busted
Markus Brunner Busted
Luay Ayyoubi Busted
Terry Richards Busted
Heidi Rosen Busted
Bill Carle Busted
Stephen Thacker Busted
Preston Derden Busted