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The Orleans Poker Room

Name The Orleans Poker Room
Address 4500 Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV
City Las Vegas
Country United States of America
Room manager 
Garrett Okahara 
(702) 365-7150 
Social Media @OrleansPoker

Number of tables: 35

Featured Tournaments:

Omaha Hi-Lo12:05 PM$50 Add-on $20Monday
NL Hold'em07:05 PM$50 Add-on $20Monday
NL Hold'em12:05 PM$50 Add-on $20Tuesday
NL Hold'em07:05 PM$80Tuesday
NL Hold'em12:05 PM$50 Add-on $20Wednesday
NL $10 Bounty07:05 PM$100Wednesday
NL Hold'em12:05 PM$50 Add-on $20Thursday
Omaha Hi-Lo Bounty $107:05 PM$80Thursday
R.O.S.E.12:05 PM$50 Add-on $20Friday
NL Hold'em7:05 PM$125Friday
NL Bounty $1012:05 PM$80Saturday
NL Bounty $107:05 PM$100Saturday
NL Bounty $1012:05 PM$80Sunday
H.O.R.S.E.12:05 PM$100Sunday

Cash Games

Texas Hold'em w/half kill$2/$4
Texas Hold'em w/half kill$4/$8
Texas Hold'em w/half kill$8/$16
NL Hold'em$1/$3
NL Hold-em$2/$5
Omaha Hi-Lo w/Half Kill$4/$8
Omaha Hi-Lo w/half kill$8/$16
7 Card Stud Spread Limit$1-$5
7 Card Stud Hi-Lo$4/$8

Room Summary:

Non smokingYes
Meal CompsYes
Poker Room RateYes
Phone-in ListYes
Automatic ShufflersYes
Massage ServiceNo
Cocktail ServiceYes
Food ServiceYes
Bravo Poker Live AppYes

The Orleans Poker Room general information

The Orleans Poker Room spreads a variety of poker tournaments during the week. Playing live poker before a tournament starts could get you an additional $500 in starting chips for each hour played. Other bonuses at the Orleans Poker Room are Hot Seat drawings; Triple Draw cash drawings; Splashed Pots; $50K progressive Bad Beat Jackpot; progressive Hold'em Royal Flush; Poker Tournament Player of the Month.

Sit-n-gos are based on player interest with a variety of limits and games available including Texas Hold 'Em, 7-Card Stud, Omaha High-Lo and other games.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons