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Jurassic Park Slot Machine: Play Online for Free

Jurassic Park

Game details:

  • Paylines: 243
  • Min bet per line: $0.01
  • Max bet per line: $10
  • Max payout: $0
  • Reels: 0

Steven Spielberg did the whole world a favour back in 1993 when he directed and released one of the most iconic films of the decade: Jurassic Park.

Quick to become a cult classic, this movie plays on our fascination with mad science, the prehistoric world, and all things scaly and big.

If you were a fan of this trilogy, you'll be ecstatic to learn that the game-developing gurus down at Microgaming have released a Jurassic Park-themed video Slot game for the public to enjoy.

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Jurassic Park yourself with this awesome Slot?

Here's what you need to know to make the most of the game.

The Jurassic Park Slot is:

  • A 5-reel, 3-row online Slot game with 243 ways to win, exciting gameplay, and a high RTP of 97%
  • A 3D Slot featuring intense graphics with all the characters (and dinosaurs) you know and love
  • Chocked full of free spins, wilds, scatters, and tons of special features to keep it interesting

Graphics, Theme & Symbols

The Jurassic Park Slot game follows the theme of the movie. However, since you're the one making the decisions, it might be even more exciting.

You're spinning these reels deep in the heart of the island jungle, where you'll encounter the same colorful cast of characters you fell in love with back in '93.

We're talking John Hammond, Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and the loveable Jeff Goldblum here.

They'll all appear as icons on the reels along with a variety of dinosaurs of differing values, each offering up a special feature of their own.

3D Graphics

These graphics come in 3D. That means you'll feel as though you're smack dab in the middle of the island as you're playing Jurassic Park—you'll even get to see some video clips as the game progresses!

The music is original and complements the theme.

It's an exciting soundtrack featuring roars, growls, and snarls to make the dinosaur experience that much more authentic.

]Parallax Scrolling

It's also important to note that this game features parallax scrolling technology.

This means that the game detects whenever you hit a win, and sends some awesome graphics out to meet you—these can come in the form of velociraptors dancing around your screen, or any number of exciting graphics.

This game has been developed to be a fan's greatest asset. Not many Slot machines can boast this kind of excitement and adventure, but it's all a walk in the (Jurassic) park for Microgaming.

How to Play the Jurassic Park Slot

Ready to place your bets? The minimum wager is 0.30 pence per spin, while the maximum possible bet will come out to 15£.

Like many Microgaming Slots, Jurassic Park features a standard 5X3 grid on which you'll have to match adjacent features to trigger a win instead of relying on paylines.

However, the similarities end there.

This game plays more like an adventure video game than an online Slot.

As soon as you start spinning, you'll be inundated with stimulating sounds and sights.

Make sure to watch out for the game's Jurassic Park icon, which acts as a wild symbol.

Fans of the movie will be happy to note that the iconic mosquito preserved in amber acts as the scatter symbol.

Exciting Extras & Bonus Features

The Jurassic Park Slot is popular with players not just because of its adventurous gameplay and unique graphics.

Its extras and bonus features are also a big plus. Numerous and exciting, they'll keep you occupied for hours on end.

T-Rex Alert Mode

This bonus feature can be activated only during the base game. It is activated randomly, so you've got to stay on your toes.

In Alert Mode, a Tyrannosaurus Rex will chase you through the jungle.

Though his motives are no doubt nefarious (after all, he does want to eat you), the Rex isn't necessarily bad. In fact, he's the opposite.

That's because he has the ability to bestow upon you 35 extra wild symbols. This feature lasts for six wagered spins and is completely random.

It vastly increases your chances for big wins.

Free Spins Modes

Land on 3 or more scatter symbols to activate a round of free spins. This is by far the most interesting feature, as it changes each time you play.

Why is that?

It's because each time you head off into the land of free spins, you get to play on a different mode.

There are 5 modes available, and they are chosen at random by the game.

However, once you manage to activate this feature 25 times, you'll get to choose which mode you want to play on yourself.

  • T-Rex Mode: Watch randomly-activated wild symbols spin across the reels as you take advantage of 12 free spins. The rex symbol may also appear stacked, taking up every position on the reel.
  • Velociraptor Mode: This mode gives you 12 free spins and features both multiplying wilds and split wilds. These wilds split apart and occupy two spaces, increasing the likelihood of a win.
  • Triceratops Mode: Get ready for running wilds with this mode. For each time you spin (you get 12 total), the wild stack will grow by one wild per reel. If you don't win on that spin, the wild stack will nudge and you'll get a re-spin.
  • Brachiosaurus Mode: You get mystery multipliers of up to 6X your original wager for 12 spins. In the Brachiosaurus mode, the bonus round may be reactivated for additional spins.
  • Dilophasaurus Mode: You'll get winning wilds with 12 free spins. This friendly dinosaur will appear on the screen and spit on one of your symbols, turning it into a wild and increasing your chances for a winning combination.

Final Thoughts on Jurassic Park

The Jurassic park Slot is one of the best games out there to play online.

All those free spins can really come in handy, and the bonus features give the game a little something extra that you won't get with just any Slot.

If you're ready to hop into the wonderfully exciting adventure, sign up at an online casino and get started spinning these wild reels today!