Indulge Into This Country-Styled Slot on Luckyland Slots

Luckyland Slots Yosemite

As Luckyland Slots continues to release new slots, there is the introduction of this country-styled slot for you to be able to indulge in.

As this is another new slot to be released, this gives you the possibility to be one of the first to play and preview the features of the slotting experience.

In this article, you’ll find out more information about the game, the winning symbols, the bonus games, features, and where you can play the slot!

What is Yosemite?

Ranging across the different slots on Luckyland Slots, bringing you into the world of the wild west, this introduces another new slot enabling you to level up.

In the range of bonus games and other features within this country-styled slot, this is where the potential comes to win even more coins.

Throughout the 20 lines, this is an additional way to win, presenting you with more wins – the biggest win is the one you can take home with you!

What are the Yosemite Game Rules?

Across the 20 lines which you’re able to play across within the Yosemite slot, this is where you’re able to earn even more prizes. Although, whilst you’re playing across the 20 lines, the highest win is available from each pay line.

Beginning with the leftmost reel, all wins are calculated from left to right only on adjacent reels.

Except for the bonus symbol, the wild symbol substitutes for all symbols. Throughout the slot, if you see any malfunctions this void all pays and plays.

For this slot, in addition to the other slot games on Luckyland Slots, they have a theoretical return to play rate of between 90-96%.

What are the Yosemite Winning Symbols & Lines?

Depending on how much you place within your total play, across the winning symbol and how many symbols appear – this will determine how much you win across the Yosemite Slot.

Ranging from 200 coins to 100,000 coins, through the max play, you are able to win up to 2,500,000 coins. This is why if you know which symbols bring the highest return, you’ll be able to know if you’ve won big.

Winning Symbols Luckyland Slots

Across WILD, this is substituted for any symbol except Scatter. If you play within the slot for the total play for the max play of 100,000 – you are able to earn between 100,000 and 2,500,000 coins.

Although across the bonus symbol, if there are three or more symbols this can trigger the Coin Bonus Game.

Additionally, throughout this slot, there are also 20 winning lines that you’re able to play against. In the midst of these 20 lines, you’ll be able to determine you’re winning streaks before the slot finishes spinning.

If you understand and are able to take into consideration for the winning lines, this is where you can know when the wins will come to you. However, across each line, ranging from left to right, it is determined by the highest win which you get for each line.

In the Yosemite slot, there are 20 different winning lines you can play across, do you have the chance to win even bigger and even more coins?

Luckyland Slots Yosemite Winning Slots

What is the Hold-N-Spin Bonus?

Being the bonus within this Slot, the High-N-Spin Bonus is shown where there are three or more bonus symbols in view which triggers the coin bonus.

Once you have reached the bonus and achieved this, this is the point where you’ll gain a full screen of coins which lets you continue to the next coined tier.

As you’ve reached the next coined tier, if you complete the gold coin tier (this is of 15 gold coins landed), then 1000 times the play value is awarded.

Throughout this bonus, this can be seen and viewed within the slot as a potential way to earn thousands of coins – depending on how much you have as your play value and the ability to gain even more returns.

Yosemite Hold-N-Spin Bonus

What is the Stampeding Wilds Feature?

Being the feature within the Yosemite Slot, this is the Stampeding feature that you can advantage of within the slot game experience.

Through the use of the ‘wild’ symbol, when this lands in the last reel to the right, this will trigger the free re-spins.

During these re-spins, these ‘wild’ symbols will move to the left of one space and move across. Regardless of the symbols on the screens, this will move the symbols to the left and understand the slot even further.

Through the re-spins, these will continue until there are no longer ‘Wild’ symbols left appearing on the screen.

Stampeding Wilds Feature Yosemite Luckyland Slots

Where Can You Indulge in This Country-Styled Slot?

Through the immersion of this new slot to Luckyland Slots, this is where you can display the ways of winning coins in this country-styled slot.

When you play on Luckyland Slots, you can play these free slots to redeem cash prizes and be involved in this country-styled slot!

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