Money Mariachi Infinity Reels on Luckyland Slots: An In-Depth Review

Money Mariachi Luckyland Slots

Are you ready to travel South of the border, and try to win even more Gold and Sweeps Coins with Luckyland Slots?

With the many way to get free coins and other stunning features, Money Mariachi Infinity Reels might be the one for you! In this article, you’ll learn more about the Money Mariachi Infinity Reels slot, and the additional benefits you can gain from spinning.

If you're not already on the LuckyLand train, then read through our LuckyLand Slots casino review to discover all there is to know about this social casino site.

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels Slot Game Overview

Released in December 2021, Money Mariachi Infinity Reels by standout developer, Yggdrasil has quickly gained traction among players and found its way into various online casino lobbies. This game is a fusion of proven gameplay mechanics and top-notch graphics, providing a captivating experience for players.

Carefully make your way through the Mexican village on Día de Muertos and use your best Mariachi-band musical skills to wake the dead! You can use a guitar to grow souls, trigger respins with a trumpet, and boost your prizes with some tuneful violin!

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels Slot Graphics and Visual Experience

The game seamlessly blends traditional slot elements with innovative features, catering to a wide range of players, but especially those who enjoy Mexican-themed slots. Even in the base mode, the gameplay remains engaging, providing entertainment even without the activation of bonuses.

However, the real excitement begins when Shrines, Skulls, and special symbols make their appearance on the reels, taking the gameplay to a whole new level of anticipation and potential rewards.

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels Slot Sound Effects

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise but this game features a Mariachi-theme soundtrack that is engaging and upbeat (but can also be easily be switched off if you prefer to play without it).

Beyond the music, the sound effects are fairly subtle and don't interfere or offer too much to the gameplay.

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels Slot Features and Bonuses

Let's take a close look at the special features of Money Mariachi Infinity Reels and the kind of bonuses you can expect to find when spinning the reels:

Money Mariachi Level Up Respins

If three or more Shrines symbols appear on the slot reels, you'll gain a level-up respins bonus. When any new Shrines appear, they are held, and respins will be reset to 3. Each time a reel is filled with 4 Shrines or special symbols, a new reel is added to the right and spun.

Each Shrine within the respin starts with a prize of between 1x and 10x of play value. On each respin, every Shrine, Booster, or Charmer gains a Skull.

Once you’ve accumulated 6 Skulls, it levels up, and the prize increases even further – what’s better than that?

Money Mariachi Luckyland Slots

Once you get to the leveling-up stage, symbols can potentially change to 4 special symbols. One of these is 'the Grower'.

If you gain the Grower special symbol, you will be able to level up on every respin, increasing the prize by 1x to 10x the play value without the need to trigger a Skull symbol. Additionally, you can obtain up to 3 Hearts which each add an extra level up for the Grower on each respin!

Another special Symbol is 'the Freezer' and its bonus. The Freezer bonus enables you to freeze the number of respins for 2 respins, and then transforms back to a Shrine symbol.

LevelUp Respins Symbols

If you want to increase the prize value of all surrounding Shrine or special symbols, you'll need to hit 'the Booster'. Once you get the Booster, you can increase your play value from 1x to 10 times.

The final special symbol is 'the Charmer', which allows players to reduce the number of Skulls required to level up all surrounding Shrine or special symbols by 1. Once you win the Charmer, it will add a heart to all surrounding Grower symbols, every time it levels up.

Money Mariachi Luckyland Slots Symbols

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels

When starting out on Money Mariachi Infinity Reels, the spins begin with just 3 reels. However, this slot is displayed as 'infinity reels', so how does it work?

On any spin, if the right-most reel improves any symbol combination, then an extra reel is added to the right. This also means once the new reel is spun, and it again improves any symbol combination then another reel is added, and so on.

Once the extra reels stop being added, your wins will be calculated, and there’s no upper limit imposed on the number of reels that can be added.

Infinity Bonus Slot Luckyland Slots

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels Buy Bonus

Do you want the chance to win another bonus? If so, the Buy Bonus is for you!

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels allows LuckyLand Slots players to use Gold Coins to buy a Level Up Respins bonus, at the cost of x100 the play value per spin. You can also trigger the Level Up Respins bonus, on a random spin, and if you’re lucky enough to have it be triggered, you could also take advantage of the infinity bonus!

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels Slot Gameplay Experience

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels takes players on a journey into the vibrant and festive world of the Day of the Dead. The game's unique feature of infinite reels keeps players on their toes. Starting with just three reels, each win adds another reel to the playing field, accompanied by an increasing multiplier.

The anticipation builds with each additional reel, and the potential for bigger wins grows. The inclusion of respins adds an extra layer of excitement, giving players the opportunity to secure worthy prizes and keep the fiesta going.

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels Slot - Conclusion

In summary, Money Mariachi Infinity Reels is a slot game that expertly marries traditional gameplay elements with innovative mechanics. With its appealing metrics, balanced math model, and the potential for substantial wins, LuckyLand Slots players can expect an enjoyable and exhilarating gaming experience.

The fusion of endless reels, festive visuals, and rewarding bonuses ensures that this game stands out in the world of online slots.

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels Slot FAQs

What is the Money Mariachi Infinity Reels slot game on LuckyLand Slots?

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels is a Mexican/Mariachi-themed slot game by Yggdrasil.

What special features and bonuses are available in the Money Mariachi Infinity Reels slot?

There are many bonus features on the Money Mariachi Infinity Reels slot. These include: the Level Up Respins, the Buy Bonus, and special symbols.

How does the Money Mariachi Infinity Reels slot compare to other slot games on LuckyLand Slots?

It goes without saying that the quality remains high on Money Mariachi Infinity Reels as it does with the majority of slot games on LuckyLand Slots. In addition, it has a lot of personality and theming, which comes across in the game graphics, the features, and the soundtrack.

Can I play Money Mariachi Infinity Reels slot on mobile devices?

Yes absolutely, you can play Money Mariachi Infinity Reels on a mobile device, as the gameplay is optimized to suit your preferred device.

Where can I find more reviews and guides about slot games on Pokernews?

At Pokernews, we have a raft online slot game reviews, covering all both real money slots and free games. Our expert writers are also on hand to provide game guides and strategies for slots players.

What makes the Money Mariachi Infinity Reels slot unique or appealing to players?

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels has a unique theme which puts you into a Mexican village, as part of a Mariachi band.

How do I start playing the Money Mariachi Infinity Reels slot on LuckyLand Slots?

You need to create an account with LuckyLand Slots first. LuckyLand Slots is only available for players in the United States except in the state of Washington. This popular social casino allows you to play for fun with Gold Coins, while Sweep Coins can be won to redeem for real-money prizes. Log in to your LuckyLand account and search for Money Mariachi Infinity Reels in the site’s search function.

What are the visual and sound experiences like in the Money Mariachi Infinity Reels slot game?

The visuals and sound both evoke a traditional Mexican village, and accompanying Mariachi band soundtrack. This adds to the engaging nature of the gameplay, and helps bring the theme to life.

This article was last updated on 24 August 2023.

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