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Win a share of $1 million during the 35-event New Jersey Championship of Online Poker (NJCOP) taking place from April 16 to April 26.
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How would you like a chance to win a share of $1 million dollars? Now is your chance thanks to the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker II (NJCOP II) taking place at partypoker NJ from April 16-26.

The NJCOP II promises to be the biggest LEGAL online poker series to take place thus far in 2015, featuring 35 exciting events with a combined guaranteed prize pool of $1 million! Many Garden State online poker players already have sights set on winning big in the poker festival's $200 buy-in $150,000 GTD NLH Main Event taking place on April 26 at 17:00 ET.

The second edition of the NJCOP kicks off with the $100 buy-in NJCOP #1 - $20,000 GTD NHL Freezeout - 9 Max - Player's Choice on April 16 at 18:00 ET, shortly followed by the $150 buy-in NJCOP #2 - $10,000 GTD PLO8 6max at 19:00 ET.

If you like playing no-limit hold'em, you should absolutely love the schedule with most of the events taking place in this poker variant. Those of you that like a bit of variety, rest assured the schedule includes events in fixed-limit hold'em, pot-limit Omaha, pot-limit Omaha hi-lo, and seven-card stud.

The NJCOP II will also give you a chance to play with New Jersey Devils ice hockey legend and partypoker ambassador, Ken Daneyko. Daneyko expressed his excitement about the possibility of winning at least one of the events stating, "I’m very excited to grind for two straight weeks on partypoker during the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker and am looking forward to taking down my first major online title. I hope to see you all on the felt!"

The schedule also allows you to enjoy a wide-variety of poker tournament formats including full-ring, six-max, heads-up, turbo, bounty, super-bounty, rebuy, and deepstack.

The tournament buy-ins in the series range from $50 to $1,000. Don't worry if many or all the events are beyond the limits your bankroll will allow. You will have plenty of chances to play in the events you have your heart set on via the many satellites and Mega satellites hosted online at partypoker.

Here is a look at the entire 35-event NJCOP II schedule:

DateTime (ET)EventBuy-inGuarantee
Thursday, April 166 p.m.NJCOP #1 - $20,000 GTD NHL Freezeout - 9 Max - Player's Choice$100$20,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #2 - $10,000 GTD PLO8 6max$150$10,000
Friday, April 176p.m.NJCOP #3 - $20,000 GTD NLH 6max$100$20,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #4 - $10,000 GTD FLH$150$10,000
Saturday, April 183 p.m.NJCOP #5 - $25,000 GTD NLH$200$25,000
 5 p.m.NJCOP #6 - $25,000 GTD NLH Rebuy$50$25,000
 6 p.m.NJCOP #7 - $20,000 GTD NLH Bounty$100$20,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #8 - $15,000 GTD PLO Rebuy$50$15,000
Sunday, April 193 p.m.NJCOP #9 - $30,000 GTD NLH Deepstack$100$30,000
 3:30 p.m.NJCOP Mega Sat Rebuy to Event 10 - $100,000 GTD NLH - 25 Seats Gtd$10$5,000
 5 p.m.NJCOP #10 - $100,000 GTD NLH$200$100,000
 5 p.m.NJCOP #11 - $50,000 GTD NLH Highroller$1,000$50,000
 6 p.m.NJCOP #12 - $25,000 GTD NLH$100$25,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #13 - $50,000 GTD NLH 6max Highroller$500$50,000
 9:30 p.m.NJCOP #14 - $20,000 GTD NLH Turbo Last Chance$200$20,000
Monday, April 206 p.m.NJCOP #15 - $20,000 GTD NLH Bounty$100$20,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #16 - $40,000 GTD NLH$200$40,000
Tuesday, April 216 p.m.NJCOP #17 - $10,000 GTD NLH Speed Down$100$10,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #18 - $25,000 GTD NLH Rebuy$50$25,000
Wednesday, April 226 p.m.NJCOP #19 - $20,000 GTD NLH$100$20,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #20 - $10,000 GTD PLO8 Rebuy$50$10,000
Thursday, April 236 p.m.NJCOP #21 - $20,000 GTD NHL 6 Max Double Chanec (1x Rebuy Only) Player's Choice$100$20,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #22 - $10,000 GTD PLO 6max$150$10,000
Friday, April 246 p.m.NJCOP #23 - $20,000 GTD NLH$100$20,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #24 - $10,000 GTD 7Stud$150$10,000
Saturday, April 253 p.m.NJCOP #25 - $10,000 GTD NLH$50$10,000
 5 p.m.NJCOP #26 - $10,000 GTD PLO Rebuy$50$10,000
 6 p.m.NJCOP #27 - $10,000 GTD NLH Super Bounty$100$10,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #28 - $20,000 GTD NLH 6max$100$20,000
Sunday, April 263 p.m.NJCOP #29 - $10,000 GTD NLH Deepstack$50$10,000
 3:30 p.m.NJCOP Mega Sat Rebuy to Event 30 - $150,000 GTD NLH - 25 Seats Gtd$10$5,000
 5 p.m.NJCOP #30 - $150,000 GTD NLH Main Event$200$150,000
 5 p.m.NJCOP #31 - $75,000 GTD NLH Slow Highroller$1,000$75,000
 6 p.m.NJCOP #32 - $30,000 GTD NLH$100$30,000
 7 p.m.NJCOP #33 - $50,000 GTD NLH Super Bounty Highroller$500$50,000
 7:30 p.m.NJCOP #34 - $10,000 GTD NLH Heads Up$100$10,000
 9:30 p.m.NJCOP #35 - $20,000 GTD NLH Turbo Last Chance$200$20,000

You can play in the NJCOP II whether you live in New Jersey or not. You just need to be within the state's borders when the tournaments take place. With this in mind, partypoker NJ hopes to attract to its amazing series many players that have yet to experience legal and live poker tournaments. By no coincidence, the NJCOP II schedule has been strategically organized to coincide with the Borgata Spring Poker Open and the World Poker Tour World Championship.

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