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that's crazy, two times win is almost miracle, but Lady did it. (not a young poker hardcore boy) poker world anything is happen.

Don't need write rule.

Online players have always plan play very fast It's nice. But Beginner / casual player need tanking time some situation. We should accept it.

Of course every hand tanking is pretty suck common sense. Dealer should say "sorry, please play fast" and still monkey tanking continue to TD should giving penalty. But It is small number of people type probably.

Keep simple rule, Time bank / shot clock is complicate of outside poker-world people. Large complicate rule-book = Bad for poker.

Great talk. I really hope PotCast to YouTube

Online Poker is player pool / marketing is everything. Poker community can create zero rake poker room very easy, but players invite work is very very tough.

Can we sell playmoney?


Wow super big name. Unreal.

She is run good all life time

Out: David Williams (You should organized magic championship event), Huck Seed (No more), Mike Matusow (Please rebuild Deepstack University), Barry G (Are you ready buy-in?), Doyle Brunson (don't work to hard, older) JRB (No money)

In: Xuan Liu, Jesse Silvia, Elisabeth Hille, "Doc" Sands some sport Also pokerstars sponcered sports pros. If can do that invite Michael Phelps.

Probability not fun for professional in this event. Really know each other and almost zero edge each other.

Unreal run good lady.

A one of great British guy joined. PokerStars sponsored pros enter and exit very constantly,,, but I hope PokerStars sponsored Cody long time. Good luck.


U.S.Players -> Atlantic City Casino -> Electric Table (set top box) -> Legal Online Gaming Connection -> PokerStars network

Oh excellent idea. Exchange/Payment work on locally spot casino to naturally.

Not "giving Schwartz trip queens" He gets two pair "queens and tens"

O.M.G. WSOP wanna crush the poker economy!

I watched ESPN main event coverage episode, both ladies crucial mistake at semi-final table.

Hilli: Blind vs Blind, T7s on 685 board, 1.9M pot 5.65M behind,, flop call, turn call, river fold.
Baumann:10 handed, button (Merson) raise, She pocket 6s in small blind then fold.

Sometime win even if bad play, however not this time, Bad play invite bad result It's my impression.


NO MORE GPI that's doesn't represents anything.