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Name:Chad Holloway
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Forum Posts

This movie will be the best when they cast Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as Mike "The Mouth" Matusow.

Nolan has the best stories when it comes to the WSOP before it's move to the Rio. Definitely check out his blog for some more gems.

I'd be interested to see if everyone felt the same way if instead of Phil Ivey it was Howard Lederer edge sorting.

I believe the casino has to accept a lot of responsibility here, but by the looks of it Phil Ivey knowingly sought out the property, which was using those particular cards, with the intent to edge sort in order to win vast sums of money. He obviously knew that this was against the rules/frowned up/against the spirit of the game. In my opinion, this is concerning behavior from someone who is beloved by poker fans. The casino and card manufacturer should never have allowed such things to happen in the first place, but that doesn't excuse manipulative, deceitful, and potentially malicious behavior for personal gain.

cezz wrote

I think you wanted to write "– which is rumored to be SEVEN-figures –" instead of six... Wink

Indeed I did. I've made the correction.

I can't believe I'm your favorite poker player! That's given me the confidence to become poker's nest superstar. Seriously though, I like your list.

I think Merson is a little too reserved to truly embrace the spotlight. Esfandiari is on the precipice (rumor had it he has a book coming out). Gruissem is the long shot on the list, but for those of us who know him, we know he's got the qualities. He's funny as hell, and I think that'd resonate with a TV audience. The key is getting him to open up a bit and feature it.

I agree that if the rule was explained, then that's just the way it goes. However, I think having such a stringent rule in the first place is ridiculous. Poker rules should be designed for two reasons: 1.) protect the integrity of the game (which this does) AND 2.) promote fairness (which imo it does not). When a clear cut honest mistake happens and the situation is easily correctable (i.e. cards are retrievable) then why not do what's just and fair.

Seems to me such rules do more damage than good while opening the game to more angles.

While they may not be able to compete with Borgata, it's always nice to see a poker room get some love. I know I'll definitely stop in to check it out when I make my way to AC.

It's an open soapbox. They get posted straight away, but that doesn't mean they won't be deleted and banned if there is abuse.

Not being in New Jersey I've been curious about what the tournament schedules have been like. I imagine they're planning to lean heavily on the casino part of the site as opposed to poker, which will clearly be dominated by other companies.

The re-entry details surrounding a tournament often determine whether or not I'll play that event. I'm usually only budgeted for one or two bullets, so when someone has the opportunity and money to re-enter as many times as they want, it's a major deterrent. I'm forced to play against their bankroll as opposed to the player. It's a different dynamic and not one I like in smaller tournaments. The MSPT seems to have the right idea as their tour continues to grow.

That's a good question. I often ponder it myself.

I'd love to, but I may have to win another bracelet before I get that invite!

To start it will just be players in New Jersey. Expect them to make a compact with Nevada at some point in the future to join their player pools, and possibly with other states (those that legalize it) in the coming years. No joining of worldwide players in the foreseeable future.

I'm sad to say I missed the Archie Karas series but will most definitely be catching up on it.

Yes, Negreanu has said that if he plays Survivor he will practice eating meat in the months leading up to it.

You almost have to put Oliver Speidel on the Aussie team given his recent success. I'm sure he'll also recruit his brother Tony.

That's true @cezz. Thanks for the catch. I totally spaced out FTP was operating those first few months. I've made the proper changes.

Anything listed as "special" tends to be an ad.

Finding out how much action someone had sold is near impossible if they don't want to volunteer it. In the case of the Big One for One Drop, no one was willing to share such information other than to vaguely say things likes they've "sold pieces" or have a "small piece."