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Thanks for the kind words Flint! Smile

We're working on getting a comments section for the Muck, but until then, you can post your thoughts on the latest piece, The Act of Forgiveness, here.

Would you forgive Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson?

Sorry for the confusion. You guys are correct and the article has been changed to reflect the correction.

Thanks for the catch. Slipped by my eyes.

Thanks for the heads up.

@Flintsword The Live Commentary is done through World Poker Tour. Unfortunately PokerNews doesn't have access to it.

@Percival, I am in fact the content editor and I was not put in any spot. It was included in the Nightly Turbo because a POKER player commented on the goings on in the POKER world. Regardless of what T.J. has done in the past, it's an interview about his viewpoint and I thought our readers would want to check it out and that it would spur debate, which it has.

I see your point, and cannot comment on why the GPI is formulated as it is. If you'll note though, sometimes players get dropped from the list, but can reappear if they cash in a qualifying event. The great players will never be off the list for long. Smile Like I said, this kind of discussion is great. Thanks for reading!

Flintsword, we choose to note which players are no longer on the list each week. Not Epic. Also, they drop from the list because of the GPI's calculations — not tossed aside aimlessly because they are "unworthy." They are all great players but the list is numbers-based, not a popularity contest.

Thanks for reading and commenting nonetheless, you spur interesting debates in our articles with your comments. Smile

@Flintsword: "From 1984 to 1995, Phyllis worked alongside her husband at the Bicycle Casino in California, serving in a number of different poker capacities. She eventually parted ways, and in July of 1995, Phyllis became Director of Poker Operations at the Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, California, a position she still holds today. The success of that 60-table room over the past 16 years has been attributed to Phyllis' intense dedication and knowledge of poker."

Sneaky straight flushes.....sorry guys

Spud - you have to go to Tony's PartyPoker Blog and give him your guess. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the $50 will be deposited to your PartyPoker account.

It's a new way to win - invisible cards. Poker Face Thanks for pointing it out guys. We've gone back and fixed it. Supposed to have been tens and threes. Smile

Thanks for the catch you guys! Sometimes our typing gets the better of us. We've made the appropriate changes.

Pierre-Yves wrote

"Allons en France" <== that's correct because "Allons à la France" isn't correct that's a huge mistake in french it means "Let's go to the France" and what you want to say, i guess, is "Let's go To France", right ?
But then again, english is only my 3rd language so i don't really master it and i can be wrong... sometimes Smile

Thanks! We can blame Google Translate for that, seeing as I don't know any French!

Ditto!! :-)

LynnieG wrote

Look at you Ramsey!! Like a pro photographer with your own portfolio! Very nice pics Smile

Here are two from twitter:

@Kevmath: Balla/baller and @joesebok: not the same, but in the vein: after the first pot of tourney is won and table says, "we have a chipleader!". tilts me so bad

these are all great ya'll!! Big Grin