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Ah yeah, I see now. Pics look amazing.

Aruba is just fantastic. The resort is easily one of the top three places I've traveled for poker. Puts the PCA to shame.

If you're going to hate on Glantz, at least do so factually. You do realize he's been at the final table of some of the biggest WSOP events and won an EPT High Roller, right? $4 million in career winnings? Tends to be well respected for both his overall game and his common sense? Ya know... Matt Glantz...

Boy, that joke never gets old, philw.............................

What you call your friends is one thing, but using seriously offensive racial language to refer to the way you were treated is an awful way to beg for sympathy, Drew...

It's hard to "Like" this, but I suppose it is really good news. Sounds like it came very close to being gone forever.

Here you are, gugaman:


Good run, Steve-O

Wow, look at everyone picking Phildo!

Oh man, this sucks. I can't think of anyone more genuine and friendly than Thuy.

Thanks for the kind words, Flint!

Hi Mrs. Holloway Smile


Thanks much, Flint Smile You going to make it out of wine country and out to Vegas this summer?

+1, Matthew!

I don't know... I think Gold/Wasicka would be interesting poker, but a terribly uninteresting match for fans and for television. For the most part, Jamie Gold really didn't catch on with people the first time around. And Paul Wasicka isn't exactly the life of the party at the table. That matchup does seem to be generating the most chatter, though.

Well put, Percival. A lot of their customers are "truly amazed" by that company, but not in the way Blanca had intended.

I'll always remember Jack Ury best for his legendary slowroll in the 2009 Main. Just awesome.

And there's no denying it stuck out from all the WSOP monotony as something truly captivating. Simon Watt slaying the dragon was the story of skill there, but it's not what comes immediately to mind when you look back on that little $1,500 event.

Hrmm, it would be a lot easier to do that if he didn't just win a pretty important bracelet though.