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I hope Mr. Pappas isn't forgetting that a much bigger role played in slowing down the intrastate poker process was the PPA's own major failure of ditching the state-wide cause so they could gamble on an incredibly long shot federal bill trying to be super heroes. Even denouncing the original consensus that intrastate poker would get things moving in the right direction and force a federal bill, as well as Rich Muny openly ignoring intrastate in his action plan and telling 2p2 posters that we're on our own on that one. How gracious of him to say that while the PPA wouldn't get involved, they would allow non PPA reps to use their "Action Plan" layout while they ignored it and tried to be said heroes.

Any idiot can type up an action plan, I know this because I was forced to make an intrastate one myself while this was going on. With all due respect, how far are lazy ass tweets and a questionable lobbying group really going to get us in the long run? Certainly not as far as money and actual influence which our main opponent has in abundance.

If we really want to speed things up we need to actually start organizing and make our stance more public imo, as well as having more real life talks with officials. Even small groups of people organizing in unison across multiple states could garner us a little media attention and/or help inform our non poker playing fellow American's of the issue. There's a lot more support for our cause out there, we just need to get off our lazy self-centered asses and earn it.

35 seconds in, it's absolutely painful to watch and listen to the interviewer. I've seen Lederer files so I know he's better than that, but wow i'm not wasting time watching and cringing through this.

Lobbyist gonna Lobby. Was a lot more like 95% focus on that hypocritical federal bill, while only resorting back to states if/when it failed like it did, as most knew/expected.

^^^ Wow, thanks. Wish you worked for the LOL PPA, or do you?

Some great stuff in there. But when you say, "There aren't hoards of new players flocking to the game", I immediately thought of Zynga and the poker apps that the general public is still flooding and having fun on. The problem is, imo, that most Americans think playing real money poker online became a crime in 2006. I agree on the majority of pokers new generation, or as I call them, douchebags.

To be fair Nicki, before we get too ra ra on the girl power, I think they have more appeal to you because you're woman. There are a few videos on some of these female players available on youtube i'd suggest to balance your opinion a little . I personally have little desire to follow the girls who sleep their way around the poker circles for knowledge and attention, relying on sex and it's appeal to advance themselves. Girls do make poker a lot more fun though.

The date in text above says Howard found out of shortfall in 2012. Delete this comment after fix if you want.

Not sure where people got lost. It's in segments because it's a big story so they're milking it and also making it easier to digest. Interview seems fine, he's not gonna get Howard to change mostly prepared statements of "I don't know about that, never saw it, i'd be speculating."

Somewhat related, I tried listening to the podcast interview with DP, but heard RR I think end his sentence with actually saying "hash tag good for the game" instead of "it's good for the game"....Could not listen to another second, is it just me or is that way too much? Wasn't angry, sort of disgusted I guess. That is all.