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I didn't come to play, I came to take it!

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Are they going to play only with USA players or with all of the others in the network?

Well done, keep the good work!

I don't see why not...

JBCD71 wrote

How the DOJ still allows PokerStars to operate is beyond me.Oh yeah i guess its because money can buy your way out of anything.$750 MILLION SEEMS TO BE THERE NUMBER.


PokerStars is not working USA! Do you think the DOJ is for outside USA LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

I just cant handle it when people who obv don't know anything about it post stupid things and pretend they know everything...WTF

This will be EPIC!

One Time!

Very nice blogs Alec! Keep'em coming!

Respect Barry!

very nice, PKR is great room

sounds very good

go for it Tapie

Go Go Staszko!


VGG Danchev!

go go go

JAIL if it is made on purpose!

Thiis is his 2nd time!!!

Jason Mercier is the nuts!!!

this is great charity

oh shit

thumbs up

This is crazyyyy!!!