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Name:Eugene Hill
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what is going on with the casino's in Las Vegas and online gaming you talk a lot about tournaments that have been played and the winners in them yet almost nothing about online gaming I find no info. from you talking about players in England and other country's who will not except US players but you back these poker rooms on your site telling us to play there . WHY ? your site irks me more than any thing in all the time I have been on it I find no real news it seams you only deal with the nice side of poker I'm looking some were else for my info .

Dam this guy has more wind in him than a gas balloon I was trying to read his stuff but fell asleep 3 times so I gave up . The tax does not have to change from the way casino's pay now nothing has changed except the poker room is on the internet not in the casino ! As for the player we pay any tax in what ever state like California who has one of the highest state tax set ups there is it would be up to the player to play there if he or she wants and pay on there winnings real simple !

what gives I put my user name in and all that crap and you ignore it than I use Facebook and accept all your dumb ass crap and I'm still high and dry ! SO WHAT IS WITH YOU PEOPLE ?

looks like the player will take a bad beat here between the FED. and STATE TAX ! You know all the greedy little boogers want a share the higher the tax the higher the rake need I say more ?

BOY DO I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ! I took almost a month to get up 200 players what happened ?In almost a full month they have dealt out as of 4 days ago 300,000 hands that's 21 days playing 24 hours none stop it should of been 3 or 4 times that in the first 10 days but they will not allow any one other than a NV resident OH sorry you can be from any state you just have to be IN NV AT THE TIME OF PLAY ! That is why the stock in AT&T, SPRINT AND T-MOBIL has shot up they need to track were you are at all times I find it hard to believe that they will make this work they will never ever come close to making the $$$$$ MONEY that the sites over seas are making because when they started they let every one sign up from any state or country heck why didn't they tell us how many players had signed with in the last 24 days since they went on line and than how many do they have hanging in limbo because ULTIMATE POKER screwed up there signing up page and don't know how to FIX IT ! LET ALONE TELL THESE PLAYERS LEFT HANGING WHAT THERE DOING TO HELP ! Should of known any thing with STATION CASINO'S always feels oily and smells of fish has ever since I've been in this town 2/3/1989 - 5/23/2013

Tom 0309 I agree with you when it comes to U POKER they will go down the tubes in fact there heading there NOW they cant even return emails from players they hung out to dry that are still waiting for them to straiten out there registration process at 8:15 the day they went on line I was signing up for there site the only thing they said you needed a cellphone # witch I gave them What they failed to say was it had to be from a co. they recognized ( AT&T, T- MOBIL , and SPRINT ): I found this out when trying to log in I got nothing, squat they sent an email saying I needed 1 of the 3 Co.'s witch I did but they refuse to delete my old cell # and put in my new one in ( I don't think they know how to do it ) till it is removed I AM LOCKED OUT ALONG WITH HOW MANY OTHERS ? It's almost a month now , I guess I will have to wait for the other azz holes who don't know what there doing ether , to open up a site . If they all go belly up I wouldn't be surprised there going to have a very SMALL MARKET because of there GREED ! We the player have no rights we are confined to our state and our state alone ! They want to market a product yet limit who can buy there goods on were they live , sounds like there pushing the Constitution of the United States segregating a group of people from playing online poker no matter were they live as long as there laws allow online gaming in there state ! ! !

to who wrote this column I do not remember ever reading the same description of a story that only said over and over again the same thing time after time . What could of been summed up in a few sentences , I came real close to falling a sleep . I would hate to have to ask you for directions !

Well I can see some one pulling the wool over Phil Hellmuth eyes and I never thought I would say this I feel sorry for him , it happens to us all every so often . Now I went to Patty Dukes page and I wasn't happy about how she brushed it aside in one small statement like that ends that ! No feelings one way or the other . now Why hasn't this guy been put in the BLACK BOOK ? Why is he still allowed to work in the gaming field ? I have been trying to register with ULTIMATE POKER from the day they opened there site with no luck thanks to them not saying you need a cellphone company that they will except ( T-Mobile ,SPRINT ,and AT&T only ) well that messed me up than now I have AT&T but my account is still stuck with the old cell number and this ultimate poker jumped the gun to be first online they cant handle the volume of emails they are running around like chickens with there heads cut off, and it takes a week just to acknowledge the email you sent them was received and they will be looking into it as soon as possible RIGHT! They don't know up from down very unprofessional ! I should be glad there was a screw up I could go to the tables and watch just cant log in to play that's were I found at least 5 players in 6 ring games at the same time on the same tables now I might pull off 2 games at the same time but 5 never never happen I don't care something smells ! I for one would not get on a table with any of them we used to call that playing against the HOUSE or against partners ether way you get squeezed and sent home broke ! Looks like we will be getting our share of online crooks here in the states to be careful ,I think I will wait to see what develops on the other sites ! Those cell phones don't come cheap !!!!

There are so many that will not be allowed to play because of these dumbazz rules of, only from NV players are allowed to play rule, it locks players like me out ! I have been living in this town since 1989 when I went to work at the STARDUST CASINO till it closed I AM 66YRS. old I DO NOT TWITTER OR TWEET OR TEXT I do not need a cell phone with over a dam $500.00 min bill a year to play poker on line ,You need to have what ever device your using to gamble on line in NV, CONNECTED TO SPRINT ,AT&T, T-Mobile and as soon as they can fix there problems VERIZON ! No other cell phone companies, now I was born late but not that late This stinks so bad these cell phone companies stock must be going up with all the people wanting to play live online poker for $$$ and like me I have consumer cellular so I get locked out BOY I would like to meet the jerk who brokered this deal he must of made a killing I bet his bank bal. went up by at least 8 figures . They have to TRACK WERE YOU ARE AT times WILE PLAYING LOL Oh yea Joe sumo is siting in the Jon at the MGM south side 3rd stall on the right so he's OK PLEASE FLUSH THE TOILET IT STINKS AROUND HERE ! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR LOOKS LIKE THE YOKES ON ME !!!!!!!!!

I was hoping that passage of online gaming here would mean a chance to play in Europe and other legal sites but the CASINO'S are going to screw us again by HOGGING it all for them selves ! Not giving me the freedom to chose were I want to play NOT WERE THEY TELL ME TO PLAY ! Here in lost Vegas threw urging from big gaming they passed a law again telling me were I can spend my MONEY by telling the banks here that they would be in violation of the law if they processed any clam's dealing with offshore card rooms no matter what the money was to be used for ! this happened just before BLACK FRIDAY . Now so many sites that I had played before wont even look at any one from the USA ! at the rate there moving there padukee we will be waiting another 3 years before we can play !

I shore hope they use a different set up than what there using for the machines in the Indian casino's since they do not fall under the same laws that all other casino's do, being on FED. land they don't fall under the same state law's thus they can set there machines to any pay out they want I guess that's why most of them are going under now because people are losing there money to fast and are STUCK WITH THAT ONE CASINO so there starting to come back to VEGAS . If they do get online it will be a long time before I play at there site, screw me once shame on you screw me twice shame on me !

I live in Las Vegas and play on a site called Card Player run by Zen Entertainment (free poker room ) they just started a 10% rake from these point games witch if they go for the money games is rather steep in my opinion but if they follow the rule of what ever they have to pay in TAX, will come out of the players pockets ! Also I don't think VEGAS will be to happy to take a back seat to N.J. as the head of online gaming sites & regulation That might stir up a hornets nest ! what ever they come up with is better than what we have now !

It's about time they got off there bootee and earned there money so many have been waiting for this ! Now I should be able to use my bank or credit card with out it being red flagged ! Who were they trying to impress before once the high courts ruled online poker was not against the law ! Must of been worried about what OBAMA might say LMAO

I would of liked to of heard about what Reid's bill is doing not what happened last year . It never fails give the political group a shot at making something right and they will MUCK IT UP till they get all the honey in the mean time ?????????

PokerStars must have something up there sleeve because what Reid is proposing from what I under stand would lock out any outside poker rooms . I know I can play PokerStars for free but no free rolls that have cash prizes in other words the US is locked out of any money games with most Co.s who want in on the market here so something I don't understand is going on because I can't see pokerstars waiting 5yrs after all the money they just spent on FTP ??>?

I have watched Howard Lederer & Cris Ferguson among lots of others and never thought for one minute they could be involved in some thing like this , it shakes the faith with all the money full tilt was making , They were on top one of the best sights to play at . I feel sorry not for them but for what they caused to happen to on line POKER . How sad.

I played on FTP & Poker Stars plus others before black Friday and Reid is screwing it all up ! If it becomes law the way he wrights it up we might as well be playing video poker because the games will be stacked against us (I know they cheat but it's the only game in town ) We won't be able to play were we want only were they tell us to BULL - - - T ! HARRY REID IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO ( OLD GOAT ) How much are you getting paid for this 30 pieces of gold !