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Good in the neighborhood

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Excellent list. Nolan probably writes about this game better than anyone else in the world. And guys, the title says 'Important' - not 'Best.' Clearly strategies in a Jonathan Little book will be more advanced than ones in a book from the 90's. I think the difference is how much those strategies were revolutionary or game-changing for their time. And I agree with you, Lowgearman, in that Phil Gordon's Little Green Book is an excellent book. In fact, it's always the first book I recommend for beginner's who are just starting out. Although it definitely wasn't published in 2009. '05 maybe?

I bet it was Chad Holloway



Good article Rich

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving player or guy

Such a great feeling once the software loaded

Thanks again Matthew

Thanks PokerNews, Matt, and Howard for doing this

Whoa whoa whoa. We can't play online poker anymore?

Glad you guys are still running this column. GPI is the best ranking system around

100% agree. Well said.


A growing glimmer