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Matthew Parvis

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@RichardS We recently had some security issues that originated from our comment platform. We've been doing a lot of maintenance to ensure it's no longer an issue. This is why you haven't had the ability to post comments. We're hoping to have this fully resolved and back up and running in the near future. Thanks so much!

Looks a bit like an older Al Bundy...

Hi all,

So I'm headed to Boston later this week to interview the author of "Straight Flush," Ben Mezrich. I'm curious to hear what our audience wants to know from Mezrich. For those unfamiliar with the book, it chronicles the rise and fall of Absolute Poker, and has generated quite a bit of buzz in and out of the poker world.

I'm most interested in hearing from folks who read the book, but am obviously eager to hear all of your thoughts. Thanks in advance for your input, and I look forward to sharing this with you all when it's published.

Matthew Parvis

I miss guys like Mattias at the table. Solid article Donnie.

@Nicki Thanks! I'm excited for the final three parts to be released. I can certainly look at a lot of the criticism and accept that there were times I could have beat him up a bit more. In hindsight, there are spots I'd like to have followed up with harder on, or attempted to call out some contradictions, but it is much easier to see the contradictions upon reviewing the footage. I still contend it was important to keep the information flowing, and get as much of the story as I could. I'm not an FBI interrogator, and I'm not a prosecutor. I look forward, as I'm sure we all do to seeing Howard answering some additional follow-ups after this interview is up in its entirety.

@Percival questions were not given in advance

The idea was to try to make the interview as conversational as I could, in order to get Howard to open up. I felt that If i hit him in the gut over and over, we would not get as much out of it as we did. Sure, looking back I think there were spots I could have pushed a bit more, when he says he didn't know, but if someone says "The don't know" the answer is not typically going to change if I press harder, or ask the same question. The last thing I wanted was for Howard to leave midway through, while maybe that's what you all wanted, it certainly was not an option in my opinion. Hopefully when all of it's out, some of the areas you all are hoping we cover are covered, and if not, I'm sure there will be follow up interviews. Also, please note this was done BEFORE the amended complaint was released.

Part 2 should be up in about 30 minutes.

I think, or at least I hope you guys will see that in the later stages of the interview the questions definitely get tougher.

@StevePN - The next segment goes in to segregated accounts, player deposits much more in depth.

@Dan_Maxwell - We had been reaching out to him since Black Friday, and finally got a call from someone, and we arranged a phone chat. He felt that with the deal for FTP finally complete, he was comfortable speaking on the record. Prior to that, his silence was based on what he felt was in the best interest of getting the players paid. As for the hotel room, we simply needed a place to shoot, and we don't have a studio in Vegas.

Hey all, thanks for watching. Remember this is only part 1. Part 2, gets more to the heart of what everyone is looking for.

I'm looking forward to you all seeing it. I plan on answering questions, and commenting in our comments, and forums over the next few days.

I sure do love that once a year shot of a winner next to a crocodile mouth...

Epic comment Benjo... Well done.

I love the addition of automatic shufflers at final tables.

@Joe, I see your point. I still think its a tad tricky and can be viewed as slightly contradictory. We're certainly trying our best to get as much up as soon as possible. I think the interpretation can possibly be looked at in both ways. I probably won't respond much more, as I don't want to set a precedent of jumping into the forums and twitter. Thanks Joe!

Dwan ran pretty terribly in these two hands... Wow

You would have to cash out the money, and then wire it to the RIO, not wire it from an online site to the RIO.

It's actually James Corwin Mackey, but he seems to go by Corwin now.