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One of the arguments against a shot clock in this article is the pressure it would put on amateurs; but most of the 'tankers' I've encountered are self-declared 'professionals'. I don't know it their thought processes are really that slow or they're just trying to annoy the other players at the table. Most of the tanking decisions are not that tough!

Please people - just get over it! It's getting really old. My personal opinion doesn't matter any more than yours, but I have absolutely no problem with the rule - just as long as you know it's the rule and a tournament staff enforces it the same for everybody. Why do some pro's think they have the only opinion that matters??? Let's all just learn to live with it and move on - everyone get off the soapboxes.

How does a guy that approved the Koroknai decision get a seat on the board of the TDA???

Since when is $223,000 less than $160,000?

It just seems like they have to REALLY screw up one ruling every year and this one sure wsa it! The rule is meant to apply to a dealer erroneously 'killing' a hand, not the player mucking it himself. I always thought the cardinal rule of tournament poker was that the player is responsible to know the action!!!

Too many former online players with no social skills!

I've now watched the first four parts of this series and the thing that strikes me the most is that for a man with Lederer's giant ego to act this stupid, he's got to be one scared SOB, or the whole thing is one big lie to try to make him look good.

Looks to me like fewer events than years past...I guess things will be this way unless/until on-line poker is legalized in the states.

How could you think there was nothing wrong with the converstaion you had away from the table? Sounds to me like you just figured it would work out for you and that nothing would come of it to negatively affect you. Now you're Mr. Innocent??? Grow up and get a clue.........

Sorry - don't like the November Nine and never did. Part of tournament poker was/should be stamina. Start the final table the day after it's reached and play until it's down to ONE! Don't care how long it takes...

Still drinking that Kool-aid???

Leave it to FTP to blame someone else, again. "It's Not Our Fault!!! - Blame the AGCC..........." Those big egos must be having a tough time with this. Hoawrd and Chris can't possibly be to blame.

This may not be agreed to by all, but I think the poker sites have to share some of the blame for the application of UIGEA to them even though online poker may not be illegal. The legality of online poker has been discussed and beat up ad nauseum but the online poker sites should have challenged the idea that UIGEA made online poker transactions illegal right from the get go. Rather, they chose to hang on to the money that it would have cost them to challenge it and just make believe the birds would never come home to roost. I think, in this way, their greed is somewhat responsible for this. As for folks who think this may all be fixed in a year, good luck...the US Congress won't even consider it for the foreseeable future and the courts will take even longer than that.

I've always thought stamina was supposed to be a part of the WSOP 0 or any poker endeavor. Forget the shorter days and tell the players to toughen up!