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Bord's boast wasn't so much arrogant as it was ignorant.

The ethics question runs much deeper than just share holders from Tilt participating. The Commissionaire was a shill for a web site that stole from players --more than once. (super user, post black friday) Andy Bloch, known to collude at blackjack, is on the so called ethics committee. Ethics? Seriously?

Chad why didn't you ask Epic about the statement made when they gave Chino a walk?
“During the formation of the Epic Poker League, the Standards & Conduct Committee made a policy decision that any personal conduct that occurred prior to the League’s formation would not affect initial eligibility of a league member. The Committee, however, communicated to the League members that subsequent to the start of League play, the Committee would enforce discipline against any League member who violated the League policies, including the Players’ Code of Conduct, or the law. "
Policy decision-"We have no Policies"

The Atlantic Cup, Quad Jacks Conspiracy Radio, Poker Stars lame game show, "Colluding with the Stars".....yeah right.....DN is real careful about what he attaches himself to.

This is just an updated version of an old lottery ticket scam. Don't kid yourself the Jungleman and Dogishead weren't involved with this from the beginning.
Lottery Scam=buy a ticket with last weeks winning numbers, and change the date. Show the "winning ticket and the winning numbers to a sucker.
Poker Scam=Girah plays JM and DIH (who are using fake accounts and losing to build winning stats for Girah.)(amazing stats = winning numbers)
Lottery Scam = a seemingly random person looks at the ticket and confirms to the sucker that "OMG this IS real!!!"
Poker Scam = JM and DIH step in and vouch for this guy being real. (OMG This guy is FO'REAL!)
Lottery Scam = make an excuse of why you can't cash the ticket, and ask the sucker to put up good faith money with a promise of a bigger payday later.
Poker Scam = made an excuse of why he couldn't play, but convinced the sucker to put up his own money on the promise of a big payday. (Girah's promise="this guy is an aggrofish"Wink

The next step in this investigation needs to be checking the screen-names and IP's of the "players" Girah beat early on to earn himself the "prodigy" reputation. I would be shocked if those screen-names and IP's don't lead right back to JM and DIH.