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Heh, I didn't get a villain from Sammy Farha at all. I found him to be immensely entertaining, and since I had no idea about the WSOP until I saw the final table repeat on ESPN back in '03, I was rooting for Farha to win the whole time. His play was excellent up unti the final two key hands, and he was having fun and cracking jokes, seemingly not caring in the slightest that he was playing for 2.5 million dollars. He certainly looked the part of a vegas pro, with the cigarette and the suit, but he was certainly not the final table villain. Few pros i think qualify for that title, except maybe any final table Tony G is at. Shame he got screwed with J/10 again at the WSOP grudge match.

Guess Sammy Farha was right. He avoids connecting his name to any poker site, preferring to play with his own money. I hope Gus Hansen wasn't too heavily involved. I can't imagine he was. He seems like he would have been on the peripheral. But he was playing a lot of High Stakes on the site.

Daniel Has a point. Lord knows I want to see Sammy Farha Bluff ANYONE at a table. Hellmuth or whoever.

I was fairly disappointed with ESPN's Main Event coverage. When Farha made it to Day 5, I was happy to see it, as when he made a deep run in '05, He had a stop at the feature table, as well as continued coverage until he busted on Day 3. This year, if i hadn't known he made it to Day 5, I'd not have found out he was in the tourney until Day 3. His chip count was listed on Day 3, and that's the only mention he had . He had one brief segment which was more about Candio than it was about Farha, And finally, with this coverage, they showed his bracelet win, and the two key hands he played before busting. The fact he started Day 3 in the top 20 and had no face time at all was annoying, as was Day 2, where he went from 60k to start the day to over 200k. I know ESPN has a lot of players to cover, but instead of spending 10 minutes of the episodes looming over Chris Moneymaker (Who AGAIN didn't cash), why not spend some time covering the players (Like Farha) that did? Moneymaker winning in 2003 didn't get me watching and playing poker, Farha being at the table got me watching and playing poker. I had high hopes for this year's coverage, especially since Farha went deep, so to only see two blurbs about him in a potential of ten episodes of tournament coverage was a severe letdown. The guy's won three bracelets and cashed multiple times in the main event, but i guess that's not enough to get coverage. I'm not sure how much I'll be watching next year.

I think Sammy Farha was a great addition to the TOC. He's got poker prowess, and he's good for t.v. Ivey, Lederer...They'd probably be ranked higher than Farha, and I'd agree their style is much more likely to win than Farha's fairly loose play, but where's the excitement?

Moneymaker may have won the whole thing in 2003...But what has he done since then? He's had one major cash since 2003, at the 2004 Bay 101 Shooting Stars, where he finished runner-up to Phil Gordon. All the rest have been fairly paltry cashes. He made the final table in one WSOP event since the '03 WSOP, He finished 10th in the 5k PLO event in 2004. And that still was short of the t.v. final table. also, Moneymaker hasn't made the money in the main event since. Farha made it to the cash in 2005. Also, Farha has won two WSOP bracelets since '03, as well as taking 6th in the 10k Mixed event in '08, and making the money again that year in the heads-up event. To win his 2nd bracelet, Farha had to defeat Phil Ivey heads-up. Not an easy feat on the best of days. Farha also has two high finishes (5th and 3rd) at the National Heads-Up Poker Championship (Moneymaker finally cashed in the event this year, his first time ever, in a tie for 9th), and multiple money finishes in the WPT events.

There's no contest. Moneymaker took the big one in '03, but Sammy Farha's achievements since that tournament have overshadowed Moneymakers' by far. So have the accomplishments of Greg Raymer, and Joe Hachem, who consecutively won in '04 and '05 (And who were present in this year's TOC) With all that in mind, I just don't think it's fair to belittle Farha for being voted into the WSOP TOC. Not when he's done so much vs. Moneymaker doing so little.

Awesome! Sammy Farha gets to follow up his bracelet win with a spot in the TOC. This is going to be a great year for Farha.