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Name:Frank Parker, Jr.
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Forum Posts

Gus needs his own reality show,Meet the Dane.
Something where he's busy doing interesting things like bar grand openings,sky/scuba diving,search for love, anything to keep him off the tables when he's bored.

How about some players.

Pay up. Wow 1 cards worth 20 million. Nice use of edge.

Daniel reworked his game, maybe Gus can do the same.

With nonresidents off jerseey/nevada being able to go into internet poker friendly states to dayplay i think the number of WSOP Satls will make this ME bigger then last 2 years.

Typical. Take away rewards for the responsible players because some lazy gamblers refuse to acquire knowledge or practice self control.

Is the ''program'' like manager,tracker?

Hellmuth is obv number 1.
Daniel & Antonio.

Hellmuth's not the only one to ''Love to Hate'': hes just about to only one who goes deep enough to make it on TV.

He's busy scooping million dollar pots at Kings Club.
Tom had nothing to do with FTP's con-game.

I miss being able to watch the high stakes action.

A young internet phenom like DURRRR. Oh wait,he needs to be a rough.

Mr Blonde Michael Madsen. Get Reservoir Dogs & Tilt watchers interested.

Pokerstars is a freaking beast.

Reply to below comment,who was POTUS in 1996? Not bush.
Anyway but vote for a politician who want's a 10% flat income,cap gains,corporate tax and Constitutional limits on government.
There's only 3 well known contenders but you have to be strong enough to withstand the shitballs that will be thrown your way for supporting PPC3 candidates.
Dead fish go with the flow.

Is there a standard structure,I assume yes.

One correction. It wasn't Conservatives who bill frist was schilling for it was jack abramoff on behalf of land based casinos.

Where does Gus get his money? minus 14 million on FTP. He must play somewhere where he wins. Hong Kong cash game maybe,geez.

THat 11 list will change. I suspect Phils have more gold in store. Erics probably not done. The rest are long shots imo.

Ive been a member for 7 months. It's not a how-to poker coaching site it's a mental preparation process.

Ivey lost his FTP money too,right?
Phil could make himself more available for interviews if he want's to help his image.

Mike I lost my sister, Debbie, yesterday. Condolences Brother.
Cancer SUX.