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2007 Venetian Deep Stack II, H.O.R.S.E. (270 field) 1st place $25,100
2007 Harrah's Las Vegas, 1st place in 5 of 18 daily tournaments played, cashed in 4 others; won freeroll tournament and seat in 2007 WSOP Main Event at The Rio, Las Vegas but failed to cash in it.
**played very little during 2008 and 2009 due to travel and job that kept me busy**
2009 Dream Team Poker, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, (454 field) 3rd place individual $13,500
2010 Venetian Saturday noon tournament, (January) $350 NLH, ((field 85ish) 1st place $5,280
2010 Venetian Deep Stack III, event #8, $350 NLH, (843 field) 21st place, $1,538
2010 Venetian Deep Stack IV, event #3, $350 NLH, (332 field) 7th place, $3,249
2010 Venetian Deep Stack IV, event #4, $350 H.O.R.S.E., (109 field) 7th place, $1,341

Name:Jerry Percival
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a smart rule that honors the betterment of the game. Thanks Matt.

I'm confused. The article title reads,
"How Much Luck and Skill/Edge Exists in a Game of
Open-Face Chinese Poker? Part I"

Is this an article about effective and ineffective OFC playing strategies, or is it a product review of an iphone app?

DP, you are THE man!!

Really Donnie!? Are these the questions you were asked, ...or the ones you selected to respond to?

Here's a couple for next month. If you could answer these, that will go a long way toward restoring some hope, that POKERnews isn't an irrelevant poker publication that cares little, or not at all, about the betterment of the game.

Thank you in advance.

Q: Does POKERnews consider the plethora of cheating and corruption in poker something that impacts the game and its image, and if so, why is it you refuse to discuss it (and potential ways of how to deal with it) as consistently as such incidents occur?

Q: Does POKERnews consider itself a leading poker media, and if yes, how do you square this view with the answer to the question above?

Q: The name, "POKERnews", implies that you actually report news in poker. My question is, how can you justify reporting only 'fluff', when the poker world has sooooo many storylines that are so very impactful to the game? What (or who) compels you to select PNs' daily content?

Finally, if you would be so kind as to review my comment from — THE LEDERER FILES: THE PROCESS AND OPINIONS — posted 326 days ago, it pertains to my inquire directly.

Sebok!? Naked pictures of yourself - WTF dude!? Maybe I'm old school, but straight guys don't take naked pics of themeselves. I'm just sayin'...

I'm not sure where you are going in the opening to your piece Rich. It seems like you're saying that you too could become a Jay Marriot if you're not careful, and so instead of speaking openly about the implications of Raymers poker ambassadorship, you're going to what, and forgive? That makes you a great friend, and a lousy journalist.

Maybe if, instead of running away from the prostitution angle of the story that is somewhat irrelevant, you can write about the implications this may have to Raymers role as a PPA board member and spokesperson. Raymer may be a gentleman and all of that, but he doesn't speak for me. And the jokes and humiliation are going to lingering with him, wherever he goes.

POKERnews content cannot amass to a collection of PR statements and staff editorials, can it? Is there any story telling on this site? Is there any actual reporting beyond live tournament updates?

...nobody brought the cheese. Too funny

"The GPI Player of the Year will soon become – if it hasn’t already – the most important annual award in our industry". - Rich Ryan

This is a disappointing view, from a journalist of a private company that shares a partnership with the GPI. And it would be who of POKERnews to refrain from promoting it's partners, in situations where it's representing itself in a journalistic light. It's tantamount to propaganda, highly inappropriate, and narrow minded.

Poker needs to do a better job encouraging innovation in player protections, and spotlighting and awarding entrepreneurs for developing technologies that will make poker a reliably safe environment for consumers that are yet to decide whether or not to take up the game. I mean, if we're talking about possible cheating and Poker's top awards in the same sentence, what's right with that?

That's great. Annie Duke - bankrolled by brother Howard Lederer, conspirator in a scheme to float bank deposits of on-line poker consumers - gambling authority.

"Poker isn't gambling"!? Ya, ...and water isn't wet. FOX is looking to make her a patsy. They know she's closely related to the FullTilt empire, and will likely use it at some point to question whether she was bankrolled by Howard off of the backs of consumers for years. But she's too stupid to understand she's being played - like shoving against an opponent who's holding the stone nuts.

Good for a laugh, ...but pathetic.

No surprise here. The PPA has always been focused on the sale, not on finding solutions to the concerns that lawmakers have expressed all along.

Imagine that, a United States Senator calling a colleague "clueless", and implying that Chris Christie cannot make his own sound judgements. Well, I'm sure all of the name calling and insults will get Christie to see things Lesniak's way. Ya right. And people wonder why nothing gets done in Congress.

Top Ten Poker Predictions for 2013
10. another no-name will win a tournament that nobody really cares about, and POKERnews will be there to bring all the mundane coverage,
9. many high stakes players will get rich and go broke numerous times throughout the year, then do it again,
8. the PPA will officially become recognized as the Poker Players A-lie-ance,
7. more stories of cheating and corruption in Poker will become publicized, despite policy of poker media not to alert the public about them,
6. Poker After Dark re-runs will edit out Chris Ferguson - the most un-interesting person in the history of the Universe,
5. Mike Matasow and Jean Robert Belland will agree to mud wrestle in speedos, and chop a purse so as to reload their bankrolls,
4. Howard Lederer will speak into the microphone again, but this time from his knees, and for a fellow inmate,
3. the WSOP will permanently amend its rules, allowing TD's to apply the new, "Spirit of the Game" rule, whenever they see fit,
2. more consumers will put pressure on media to tell the whole poker story, and not just the romantic and hero stories,
and the number one poker prediction for 2013, ... surprise to anyone that POKERnews will continue producing the same kind of meaningless content that does little to advance the betterment of Poker.

@Rosenkrantz: hoping the film tells a complete story about on-line poker (including ongoing corruption and cheating) , and not just propaganda that entices unemployed Americans to dive head-first into shallow waters, once on-line poker in the U.S. gets back up and running.

RE: LAPT event, this sounded a lot like something fishy was happening. I can't see anyone, under any circumstance, making such a ridiculous call. A crazy read, and foolishness to follow thru, ...or collusion? take a look


Re-elect the guy who promised everything and delivered nothing. He borrows, spends, regulates and redistributes, ...he blames others for his inability to make progress, has the worst, work ethic in Presidential history, and characterizes Americans that vote for his opponent as "vengeful".

This is who poker players need to vote for to have the best chance of on-line poker in America? No thank you.

Medukie wrote

...I always thought the cardinal rule of tournament poker was that the player is responsible to know the action!!!

You're absolutely right Medukie. It's hard to imagine ANY kind of explanation that would justify abandoning one of the WSOP's princilpe rules.

The hand against Bauman may be remembered as the WORST ruling in poker tournament history - " the spirit of the game"?! Maybe everyone should get a second chance, the spirit of the game I mean. Worst ruling, ...EVER!!

dsgnr4hire wrote

wow, percival, you consider lederer to be the most notorious bad guy in poker history? i thought that title belongs to russ hamilton! you remind me of some right wingers who say that obama is the worst president in history!

@dsgnr4hire, suggest you get your parents permission before posting again.

Russ Hamilton was already a convicted felon before he centered himself in the UB scandal, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone. Howard Lederer was ranked #1 most influential person in poker by BLUFF, one month before Black Friday. And re Obama, he may not be the worst, but he's near the top of the list.

Matt, as you know, I've been critical of POKERnews over the years, for operating under the auspices of poker consumers that relied on it to "investigate and report" on the people, places, and events that impact the Poker world. My criticisms (many of which have been very pointed), spoke of two main things:
1. that POKERnews doesn't actually investigate anything, and
2. that POKERnews habitually posts 'announcements' made from businesses across poker, and passes it off as 'content'.

I see that POKERnews has on it's website a DISCLAIMER in lieu of a MISSION STATEMENT. In it, PN offers the following:
- is a website that provides gambling related material to readers for information purposes.
- does not accept any responsibility for any errors on this website (including omissions or inaccurate material).

Based on this disclaimer, can you please clarify, is POKERnews a form of media, or propaganda? Please explain. And please explain why it would not hold itself accountable for what it's own staff posts on its site.

You said in the above article, "...was by far, the most difficult project that I have worked on". Who can argue that?! But if POKERnews was more involved in poker journalism, and was less of a pseudo-public relations arm of poker businesses, would you have even gotten the call? Did Howard Lederer select a media that he knew would take a softer approach than any other?

You said in your introduction to the HL files that you told Howard that, "...I made it clear that if he was looking for an outlet to make this easy on him in return for the opportunity to run a story, then we were not interested". But then, responding to criticism for not calling Lederer out on contradictions during the interview, you said it was because you didn't want to lose him, or didn't want him to walk out on you. So, you were firm, until you were soft. And maybe that's exactly what Howard expected of you. Maybe this thing was a charade all along - maybe Howard played us all.

What I got out of your interview was, ...nothing at all. I mean, I expected Howard to not hold himself accountable. I expected Howard to contradict himself, and not stick his neck out on anything. I expected Howard to dance, and he did. And, I expected POKERnews to deliver exactly what it delivered - nothing newsworthy.

We've met, and I think you're a good guy, you're a very likable person. But this Lederer Files 'show', only underscores what many (including myself) feel is a dis-service for a public that hopes for more journalistic integrity in Poker moving forward. Who, if not you, will ever 'call out' the bad guys, pin them on contradictions, not let them off the hook to explain deceptive behavior? You were that guy, the ONE person to interview the most notorious bad guy in Poker history.

Disappointing so far Matt. You might have brought in someone more prepared or willing to press Lederer, poker's most notorious villian. hopefully still to come. But so far, a bit disappointing.

Would have led out with asking him if he wanted to make a public statement, then shut up and enjoy the silence, waiting for his response.

Q: did you givek him questions in advance?