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We'll hear alot from this guy in the future if he starts playing more live events, best HU SnG player to date

well that was refreshing to read

Ivey needs a mandarin speaking dealer because of superstition??? At this point i can't even believe the casino isn't too embarrassed to bring this up again.
But srsly, they didn't get one bit suspicious? Ivey took advantage of the casino's greed and stupidness, exactly what the casino usually does to players.
The casino just feels like it's not supposed to lose.

It's so sad how gus still tries to convince himself that he just loses because he's on tilt or game selection or something, maybe after 7 years and almost $18mil you just need to get along with the fact that you are not able to make money at the nosebleeds.

if a bracelet doesnt count because it's only 80 players in the event, than basically none of doyles bracelet would be relevant, so thats a little weird

no comment on the dealers choice event?

this whole idea of all time money lists is kinda stupid because it doesnt show how good a player is at all.
you can be the all time money list leader and still be a losing player, i mean how dumb is that?

ivey is going for the least cashes in one year though

the points you can get in the main event are just way too much, same thing for the APAC main event, negreanu is first half way into the series pretty much by just winning the 405 entrants APAC ME.

although im a huge ivey fan, i don't see how he would be the best tournament no limit holdem heads up player, because that's something a lot of people specialize in extremly hard, i.E. oliver busquet and others who make a living player the 5k HU SnGs on stars.

HollywoodDave wrote

Wait.... so the house is the victim here? lol... Casino buys bad cards, then doesn't bother checking them before they put them in play, smart player wins money, then is accused of cheating? GTFO people

This is precisely why dealers fan decks of cards to check fronts (to make sure all cards are present) and backs (to make sure there are no markings) BEFORE putting them in play. Its the house's responsibility to offer a proper game. If they put bad dealers on the floor who shuffle poorly, flash hole cards when dealing, and don't check for card defects, its not the player's fault for simply playing the game that's being offered using nothing but what the casino gives and shows them to play...


jbmartinez wrote

He might have noticed after a few hands which cards were mis-cut and been able to exploit that flaw in subsequent play. Still, I blame the casino more than Ivey here. It seems it's their responsibility to make sure they're not using defective cards.

that was my point, aswell. i mean it's not iveys fault they were using an asymmetrical deck if they were, is he supposed to place bad bets on purpose?

Even if ivey used the method explained above, isn't it the casinos own fault if they have an asymmetrical deck of cards in play?
Could the casino rightfully hold back Iveys winnings even if their claims are true?

can't believe pokernews is supporting this scam

hellmuth vs matusow would be the dream final

Pokerguy21 wrote

honestly matusow over blom is not surprising. The stylee that mike plays is perfect against blom, but i do see greenstein vs ivey in the spades final

nice prediction Big Grin

no live coverage?

how would you argue that dan cates, THE heads-up NLH specialist, shouldnt be invited???
and i think the the fact that huck seed won the event recently is enough reason for him being invited again. you might not have heard to much about him latly, but man he's a WSOP main event champion after all and always one of the classics.

his account is registered to his place in cabo, mexico.

i never got why online people take like an average 5 seconds for a decision and live they take 2 minutes to fold 9 high in a 4 way pot...