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Thank you!

Wow. Phil Ivey is the man! Wish more players would follow his lead and skip the WSOP, and get serious discussions started toward having the live/internet poker problems solved. One big first step; thank you, Mr. Ivey.

The bill as a whole is awful. It should not be supported by PPA. Don't take "possible" crumbs! It leaves too many "ifs" in politicians' hands. Who even "promises" the 15-month waiting period will be deemed enough, and that it won't be extended? Poker may never return. This proposed change is horrible. I root for the "nos" this time!

Good coverage on the whole. Could still be a lot better. I hate when you do not tell us what time play will resume the next day; today you did for E-21 and E-20, but did not for E-19 or E-18, either in the individual threads or in the group day wrap-up. Also PN seems to play favorites with whose progress you report, while leaving out other big names ... or touching on them once and never updating. Also don't give who's eliminated (when it happens) often enough. Keep getting better (and edit your reports better, cards are often wrong or impossible). Still quite a few events and weeks to go. You can do it!

Special treatment is definitely wrong. But that also goes to those who waited until the last minute, then griped they couldn't play. You knew the rules and the limits. You had months to pre-register, weeks to complete the paperwork, days 1a b or c to participate before the last. Like seats at a world title fight or a football Supre Bowl or a new i-phone, when they're gone they're gone. Too bad. Next time plan ahead better...

What a scam, the old bait-and-switch. A shame PokerNews fell for and was a party to this deception. Do anything for advertising bucks???

Thanks for all you do for us!!! I just wish on poker rooms and promos you'd add a disclaimer/note on if a room bans US, Canada, Aussie or whatever kind of players...