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Croatian_Mafia wrote

Please one time a proper league with no bs "final" or "playoff." There is no point in all the qualifying because if you equalize first place with 30th. Imagine if Man United had to play off against the other top clubs after topping the table at the end of the season. REAL LEAGUES DONT HAVE FINAL PLAYOFFS.

I beg to differ, think of FIFA champions league.

Foolosopher wrote

Can you confirm that a minimal deposit of $50 is required to be able to participate in this promotion? When I proceed with the download of the poker client I see this notice.

it is the suggested deposit.

gam187bler wrote

I'm having trouble getting registered for the 1st tourney any ideas on what i have too do?

if you are tracked to PokerNews you should have been issued a ticket of eligibility

evenmarten wrote

hello, i won.
when someone contact me and send more info and when i will get Cash for travel? i live in estonia its very hard to get plane ticets at the last week

In spain there is 18 age for casino, am i correct? Smile

everest support will contact you shortly.

DaMatrix wrote

Yeah joffus_87, it is a total joke, I emailed both Everest and PN days ago, posted in forum, commented here, sent several tweets and I haven't received a proper reply.

Private message sent to you

There has been some sort of miscalculation and seems like you both indeed should have been in this final. Cursing We will be talking to Everest how to compensate you for this mistake. We are aiming to get a token for you to the direct entry for the 29th 10PM CET (10 seats gtd+ $25K added). With the time difference, unfortunately we wont find out if we could manage until about 5 hrs before the tournament. As soon as we have confirmation, we shall let you know. Sorry again about this.