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Joe Hachems comments are ridiculous - if someone wins a life changing amount of money its up to them to walk away - or is it the norm that every winner needs to become a degenerate and go and splurge all their winnings? I can imagine when you win the WSOP you have hangers on all over you like a rash wherever you go in the poker community and i am not surprised if they just want to walk away. I notice he doesn't mention Peter Eastgate who also took time out.

This is so boring news - woohooo he's won $800k ….he probably might lose $2mill the next day……..WHO CARES…..

why continue to play if you think your opponent is cheating - simply walk away dont complain after you lose...

what a pleasant gentleman he is. Such a role model.

and when it starts raining in the middle of an all-in now that should be interesting !

can this comment even be true ...."the ISPT is set to gather a massive field of entrants"
should it not read "there will only be a handful of entrants playing on a massive field"

why is Hamilton not in jail ?

what a complete waste of money on self gratifying publicity stunts.

casinos just dont like losing

i wonder if he's been all in yet!

im sure a lot of players own hearts are bleeding over this news. #karma

It's Pokerstars Greg ...not Poke her Stars !!!

Why would they care they have been taken off a ranking list. Surely a more suitable punishment would be to involve the police duh !

The European Poker Awards seem to be now a joke event.

isnt this just Duplicate Poker that was around some time back?

what is the point of this ranking it means nothing to the public at large

skeptical this will happen

looks like typical sour grapes from a casino who has lost money - why can people never win at a casino without being barred or accused of wrongdoing - it looks like a strategy to dispute the debt when in fact Ivey's lawyers should be issuing them a winding up petition - that will make them pay sooner than later.

Anyone would think he has acquired the cure to cancer. Its some index made up by poker people for poker people, with no mass appeal or marketing appeal. I think sometimes people in poker believe their own hype.