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if ever won that kind if money i would do the same thing...just fade to black.

wow gus looks like he puts on an extra year to his age for every million he loses! guy looks like hes in his 50's!

I've heard that every year at the main event in the WSOP the chip counts are much higher than they should be after a large amount of play, can someone from pokernews comment on this (donnie peters i am sorta talking to you sir!)

I wasn't in this tournament but i want my 4 bullets back asap beeatch!

I'm calling bs on this very misleading title! Poor taste Pokernews!

buddy is a moron! Someone should have explained what all those half spheres on the ceiling were!

if i were the worlds biggest online loser for 2013 I'd probably be pretty suspicious too!

Buddy obviously smokes weed then!! Seriously though if i put up 100k i would include weed too.....then let's see him last a year!

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!
russ hamilton>>>howard lederer>>>chrisferguson>>>>calvin ayre

Phil is a class act all the way no exceptions!
Normally in those ama's guys will skip over questions but phil answered them all!
I wish everyone in poker and in life were as accommodating, patient, and reliable as him!
You can't help but like the guy!
If you had a son you'd do well if he grew up to be half the man phil is!


As for the picture of all these shirtless guys i'm expecting Vince Young and his posse to enter the room with bottles of petron for everyone! not a good look gents! put your shirts back on!

I wouldn't call winning a 2 or 3 table tournament twice in a row an incredible feat or extraordinary or anything, just running good and things going your way. I know the coverage needs/wants to make it look as cool and appealing as possible but really it's not that big of a deal. Especially when you consider that it's almost guaranteed that the majority of these players sell shares of themselves it makes it even less appealing in my opinion (and even worse if players are selling shares amongst themselves who they are competing against)
Ya you won a milly but how much did YOU REALLY WIN? I'd like to see players have to tell the public what they are actually in for and who they have a piece of like Antonio with his One Drop win, you won 18 million but you didn't actually win 18 million so how much did he really win? It's almost criminal how it's portrayed vs the reality of it all.

Hopefully if you're lucky enough to be able to play in this room you'll get VIP access to some heavy security back to your car or even your home or hotel as not to get your arse handed to you by 6 or more angry men after a big score. Know what i mean there sammy?

I'm still hoping for a Chad Hollaway room to open up somewhere in Vegas! Make it happen pokernews!

Personally i hope this guy gets taken to school by the high roller regulars...

I think tony g should stop bankrolling jungleman and go with homegrown hero "BigBad" Chad Halloway.

Make it happen pokernews

this is the dumbest thing i've read guys want to pay for fragranced air too?

i think chad holloway should be added to the mix too! make it happen chad!

congrats on beating 20 people....huge accomplishment. bollocks!!

I think its a bit of a joke too...

KNowing the US military he'll probably be running the show within a month!!
what a muppet what are you doing/thinking general?
fire his ass!!

i will say putting up 125k to win the 350k first prize seems like a garbage payout even with the points to cash. seems like a great way to lose some money while not a good chance to win much