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Name:stop it
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look at them -they need hookers -who else would go there

i meant top of the world pros not regulars--heehehee

cheaters, fish luck and pros = -ev


it use to be when i guy was" outed"-he was cooked just by word of mouth-where as nowadays cheaters like mizzi r ok in the community (instant forgivness-because he admitted wrongdoing) this is wrong, there has to be a penalty administered - then forgiving and redemption , dont play by the rules- u dont even qualify fr any rankings-providing there is clear proof and evidence of wrong-doing- then treat it w logic probationary period -do it again ban them fr life black bookem- fn simple

cheater caught- the good ole days, they would have evaporated in the dessert , certain guys hustlers- angle shooters w big mouths (tony g ,negreanu ,marifioti) would also stf up a little bit, back in the day, or some1 would have had a "talk" with them

try logic and common sense - get out of the box author(wannabe braniac)

yea , stupid thought process-reasoning by the writer of this article -what r u high??


starting to come apart stupid tapie and company

first class douchebag