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That's an interesting story !

joeschmoe wrote

Late March, early April, 2011, I decided to begin playing on Full Tilt, so I downloaded, installed the software and continued the process to the point of picking a screen name. Having just read an article about how FT was strict about changing screen names and once chosen, you are stuck with it forever, I hesitated and terminated the process.

Due to some recent chatter about the legality of online poker, I consulted a couple people who's opinions I respect.... a lawyer and a banker I'm well acquainted with... for their opinion. "No problems at all" was the response. In fact, one of their bosses at work was deep into the game and proud of it.
I tried to complete the registration process again but hit the pick-a-name wall again.. weird as hell.

I felt it very important to pick a really good moniker... something with hidden meaning .. something memorable.. A name that might strike fear in my opponents and ooze poker savvy .. something people would notice and remark how cool it was.

An intense search for the perfect username began, spending many hours on Wikipedia skimming through the entire history of poker, cards, chips, and everything remotely related to poker. After a few days my name-list was whittled down to half a dozen or so.
I selected one but, as before, just couldn't pull the trigger for some reason. Now, this really started to bother me. Was I going crazy? It's just a freakin' online username.. I ain't naming my first child or something. I am not at all shy about making important decisions so why the hell is this very minor one so tough to make?

After a few days of suffering this inexplicable bout of indecision and internal strife, I gave up on it. "There's no need to hurry" I told myself. "You won't regret waiting until the decision easily and naturally comes to pass." ...and put it out of my mind... Went to Vegas for a couple weeks, whereupon the news hit.
Sometimes your instincts force you to follow them.


Viticus wrote

ive seen the video and didnt notice it. what was it?

edmondnegron wrote

Can't watch the video. HTTP 404 Not Found..

You saved my life!

"Dad, this is really embarrassing."

very nice Smile