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Woke up this morning with my FT money in my bank acct!!!!!!!

Wow, "JamieHPO" or Lee Childs. Didn't mean to hit a nerve w you. It was honestly the big hand/weird lay down I don't think many people make in that spot vs that kind of opponent. That's why I remember it. Haven't seen those episodes in ages but yeah that is what I remember. Take care Lee or whoever you are.

Hate to say it but I still mainly remember him as the guy that folded KK to an overly aggressive Yang at that final table.

Thanks Poker Lordy. Didn't catch that. Was too busy wondering what the hell!? Smile

Am I crazy to think Merson's 2012 Main event and 10K 6max wins are two very impressive back to back wins. The last one obviously the biggest tournament of 2012.

This doesn't look good for Jungleman. How many times has this guy been somewhat connected to a scam or scandal?

Can you please post the payout info. I don't see it anywhere. Thanks.

way to call or rat out Dutch Boyd

"U.S.-based customers will be waiting much longer to recoup more than $200 million in funds that were frozen last April."
Makes it sound like it was only 7 months ago. Hope we all get interest on that money...if we even get to see that money.

On the last hand, wasn't Robl drawing dead vs Marchese's set of 8s?

I hate to point out the other error but Lamb had 8s5s and 2nd opponent had Ad and 5s as well? Obviously there weren't two 5s out there. Did Lamb really get it in that bad with only 3outs? 8d is already on the board and Lamb and Nut flush draw opponent having the other 5? Is he the J. Duhamel of 2011?

Great misleading headline Pokernews, "Howard Lederer Talks..." As far as I am concerned Lederer's career as a poker player/personality is done. I don't think anyone would give a fuck if he was ever on tv, deep run in WSOP, or any other poker related event again. Maybe he has too much money too care but its gonna be hard for him to step in to the RIO again.