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Free New Calculator Helps You Win at Stud Poker (Updated)

Free New Calculator Helps You Win at Stud Poker (Updated) 0001

If you play five card stud on the internet, you will want to download new software from

Just enter your hand and it tells you your chances of winning the pot. So you can always work out the pot odds in a flash.

The sotfware is still in a beta form. You type the hand you've got into the top right hand box and the number of people playing.

This software will give you:

1. The odds of you making all possible hands

2. The odds of you winning with each hand listed above

3. The odds of you winning.

To use this software just figure out the payout ratio, and multiply it by the chance of winning. If the number is greater than 100%, you should probably make the bet.

For example, assume you are dealt a three of a kind and 10 people are playing. The chances of winning are 64%. As long as you'll get 1/64% (or 1.55) times your money back if you win, you should probably try to win the hand.

It's free to use, and might be of great help if you are playing five-card draw online, as long as you can access the information quickly enough.

The people at promise a Hold'em version in the future. This may well be of more practical use for the majority of online players.

In the meantime, if you want to know the statistical chances of a Hold'em hand's winning, go to Card Player's excellent and well-estblished calculator (also free to use).

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